Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally made it to a new Ticker!

I thought that last one would NEVER be replaced. It was supposed to be gone before my trip to NYC in June...oh well, I got lazy, distracted, a little bored, and let's just face it, I got LAZY.

These last 20 months have been times of HUGE change for me. Life changes, health changes, body image changes. (I'm still trying to figure out what stores I shop at choices are limited only by my wallet...which seems to be pretty limited, but the choices are so much more than they used to be...and I find I want more quality clothing now, as I expect to wear it for a LONG time.

Middle of October, Jef and I headed over to a swap meet for surfers because I'd seen an ad on Craigslist that a used bike sale would be there too. We found a couple of nice used bikes for 150.00 for the pair...and off we went.

Since then, I've spent probably 4 times the cost of my bike on accessories so that I can ride safely to work and back. Helmet - check. Blinking lights for front (white) and back (red) - check. Rearview mirror to stick on helmet - check. Basket/rack for carrying things to and from work and other places - check. Padded Seat cover for my new boney butt - check. Bike Lock - check. Headlight for seeing where I am going in the dark - check! (replacement rearview mirror for the one I broke first time out - check. :D ) Nab some bungee cords from Jef - check. I'm set!

The ride to work can go two ways. Along the busy city street of Hollister and that's a little over 5 miles each way. I don't mind it much, but it's not as pretty as the Coastal Route I can take from my house, through UCSB, along the beach at Goleta Beach, then down the Maria Ygnacio trail to where I work. That ride is a little under 7 miles each way and when I take it in to work, I can't help but smile and be SO grateful to live in this wonderful California Beach town. Especially this morning...November 13, 2008 and the temperature was already in the high 60's allowing me to pedal in without a sweater. Amazing. I had a great big grin on my face the entire way.

I just don't understand the serious faces of the people I pass on my way to work. Yeah, I'm going to work, but LOOK how I'm getting there!!! And I get to go home the same way?? AWESOME!!

Yeah, I'm enjoying this pedaling thing. I can almost see myself fully decked out in those matching biker shirt and shorts ensembles that match my bike and my helmet all up. Almost. But for that to happen, the colors are going to have to be pretty amazingly vibrant. Haven't seen a set yet that I can't live without. :D

I just feel like a kid again when I get on that bicycle. (The basket is just like one I had when I was younger that helps with the nostalgia.) I'm free to pedal pretty much where I like, and this town is set up for bicycles to roam free. How many people can enjoy a bike ride at this time of the year?

But here's the key: I finally found exercise I TRULY enjoy. I mean, I LOVE THIS BICYCLING thing. Something about the wind in my hair I guess. :D And since I can't rollerskate anymore, this is the next best thing. So being all geared up with basket and such, I can go where I want, shop if I want, or pick up whatever...within limits, of course...and just enjoy the heck out of my day without dreading getting out and getting some exercise. It's just FUN...and if I'm sweating while I'm having Fun, then YAY for me. :D So, Thank you to my husband for hearing me say, yet again, that I really really really wanted a bike to ride and for going with me to get some nice used bikes and for going riding with me and for helping me get here. I needed this. For me. I'm so happy you're sharing it with me and so glad we did this for ourselves.

So I'm blogging again. Two months later than the last post. Because the weight is coming off again. Because I'm exercising. Moving more, imagine that! And the more I pedal, the easier it gets and the faster I go. (Those kids at UCSB that pass me are SO annoying!!! I mean, there I am, pedaling like the dickens, huffing and puffing along...and they just breeze by me...and their bike has only ONE gear!!! I'm here with 21 and using ALL of them baby, so just pass me already...but one won't pass me watch out you whipper-snappers! :D )

Last nights weigh in showed a loss of 4.2 lbs and FINALLY tipping the scales in the 160's! 168.8 actually, which is exactly on target to finish off that darned Ticker and start a new one. The next, and final, 10% goal is to lose another 16.9 lbs to a final weight of 151.9 lbs. I think that's a healthy weight for my size and shape. It always was in the past...but if I can do better, and be in great shape, then I will.

It's important to be realistic and also to avoid selling myself short. So I'll consult with my doctor too and see what he thinks the healthy standard is for me and set that as my goal. So I say that this next ticker is my final, but maybe it isn't. I'll know when I get there if there's more to do, because I live in this body...and I want it to continue to support my brains and my life as long as it possibly can. :D

Have a great week! I'll blog again soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lose for Good!

This Just in from

Lose for Good... LITERALLY!
Listen up. If you're thinking about joining Weight Watchers this fall, here's a perfect excuse (not that you need an excuse to enroll in the fantabulous WW!). Beginning September 7th (that was yesterday for the calendar-challenged), and continuing all the way until October 18th, the Double W will donate the cost of one pound of food for every pound lost (up to a MILLION DOLLARS) to two fantastic hunger-fighting organizations -- Share Our Strength (its goal is to ensure that no child in America grows up hungry) and Action Against Hunger (helps hungry people around the world). Check out NOW to get healthier and help others in need. And go, WW. You guys continue to ROCK!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2.8 pounds of food donated this week.

I am soooo close to breaking into the 160's! Just .5 pounds and I'm there! However, I'd like to be down another couple pounds by next week.

Check out that Ticker! I'm so close to making a new one!!! And only 15 pounds away from my goal. It's amazing to be so close and still KNOW I'm going to get there. According to Weight Watchers, I'm only 6.4 lbs away from goal I figure a couple more months of paying them for meetings and then it's FREE!!! This is - by far - the best investment I've ever made into my health.

It's not just the weight's the tools I've learned to help me get here and then stay here. I use at least one or three of those tools DAILY. :D

Wedding plans are going well, we're only 9 days away from the big day...friends and family begin arriving next week on Wednesday and I'm going to enjoy every minute of their company! It's lonely here in Santa Barbara when you're just a "regular Jane" like me. I'm looking forward to seeing the people I love.

My friend, Tina, threw a Lingerie Bridal shower for me last Saturday. It was a lovely day, the salad bar style lunch she prepared was FANTASTIC and I was showered with nightgowns and pajamas. There were a few "sexy" things, but nothing to wear outside of the bedroom. I suppose that's what it's all about and I really loved everything I received. It was awkward receiving so many gifts, but as I was putting all the pretty things away that evening, I was pretty stoked to have so many nighties to enjoy wearing. I've even picked the one I'll wear to lounge around in on Wedding night/morning after. I'll share pictures when I get my hands on some. I did look at a few and there is one that I had to stop and stare...I looked so much like my mother. I will miss her terribly on the wedding day...but I know she'll be with me in my heart.

This coming week will be pretty easy on me as far as stress eating is concerned...I've got most of my stuff taken care of, now it's just little things here and there, and my girlfriends will help a lot when they get here next week. I've cut out alcohol and chocolate until the day of the wedding. Though I did have to taste the wine we'll be's drinkable, but not the wine I'd hoped to be serving. After the wedding, I'll reintroduce some wine in the evening, but I really do need to limit myself to one glass. Two is just too much anymore. :D I lose all resolve and then get the nibblies or have a third glass that I really don't need.

I do expect the party to begin Thursday, September 18, as my childhood friends will be here and we'll be reminscing and enjoying a little "margarita therapy" together. Just need to keep the drinks to ONE for me. Wedding day, I'll have a glass of wine, then a few glasses of water...repeat. :D

Any pointers on really good eye cream to battle under-eye puffiness?

Have a great week!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Up 1.2 AGAIN

Ok, so the dancing around in the 170's is getting old.

I'm doing way too much comfort eating...and I'm not doing much, but enough! I'm drinking too much wine to relax due to all the wedding planning stress...and I'm eating too much chocolate which is breaking out my face and that's just not ok with a wedding only 2 weeks away.

GOSH, two weeks! EEEEK! I'm excited, anxious, delighted, and a bit concerned...just that the day will be nice weather, that we'll have a wonderful day and start our MARRIAGE off right and without me behaving like some kind of bride-zilla.

I'm hoping to have a nice massage the night before and quite possibly the day of. :D Colette Cooper is a talented Masseuse here in Santa Barbara and I'm hoping to pay her for her services to help me relax and not have any muscle tightness or issues with my back due to stress (and corset lacing) that day. :D

So, I finally realized, with the help of one of the ladies who helps weigh us in when we arrive, that I am only 9 lbs away from the top of the goal range for my age/height. However, she had me at 5' 8" and I'm only 5' 7" or a little less...thanks to gravity. So really, my weight range is 128 to I think my goal of 155 is realistic.

I WILL reach my goal of 155 lbs by the beginning of November.

By my wedding day...only 2 weeks away...5 lbs is doable. Maybe 6, but that's REALLY pushing it. Though I've been FLOATING here at the low 170's for so long, I might be able to drop a quick 10...
I just need to be more strict with myself. I've been really lenient because I've come so far. I look at my pictures in the previous post, before and after, right next to each's FRIGHTENING to see how bad I let myself get AGAIN...and I will NEVER do that to my poor body again. I fear, if I did, I would die. Seriously.

But I had a reset in the brain last night...I'm SO CLOSE, but not yet there. Yes I've come far...but I close last time and went back up. THAT ISN'T going to happen this time. NOPE. I'm ON IT!

Most of you know which program I'm on, but I'm going to break precedent and let you know which one I'm on because, if I inspire ANYONE, now's the time to join. Weight Watchers is promoting, for the next 6 weeks, "Lose for Good." For every pound of weight lost by Weight Watchers members between 9/7/08 and 10/18/08, they’ll donate the equivalent of a pound of food — up to one million dollars — to people around the world who need it.

I WILL lose 12 pounds during this campaign. Join me! Join Weight Watchers and do something good for yourself and for others at the same time.

I WILL walk daily. I WILL do 50 sit ups daily. I WILL take EVERY opportunity to MOVE my body and break a sweat. I WILL track everything I eat and I WILL be VIGILANT to the plan and I WILL reach my goal weight.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Pictures, and old.

Today is weigh in day, that's my new weigh in dress. It's pretty lightweight.

I still need to lose about 20 lbs to get all the flab off, but I'm doing really well.

I am down another 1.6 tonight. yay! I'm moving and grooving again. Date Nights involving exercise are a good thing! We rented bicycles out by the beach, rode around for 1.5 hours (should have been 2 but Jef wanted to make a phone call)...and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara under the stars. Skipped dessert but enjoyed a lovely dinner.

So the scale says 172 lbs now. That's a total loss of 121.2 lbs. Just 22 lbs to go. I could do it in 11 weeks if I got really serious...but I am not sure I coming, and the dress fits, so I think I'll just stay on track and take it as it comes.

Wedding plans going swimmingly and the exercise is back on track. Though I still get lazy sometimes. All in all, I'm just dealing with the daily struggle of not stagnating HERE at this weight. I want to reach GOAL!!!

Have a great week!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back on Track

So it's been a while. Hi there!

Vacations, birthday, summer visitors are done and behind me...for now anyway. I'm refocused and back on track. Been struggling with the whole weight loss thing since my laptop died. (No it cannot be fixed afterall.) So tracking wasn't happening for a while and that made a huge difference.
In order to lose weight I GOTTA TRACK what I'm eating. (There's new scientific proof of this as well!)
I also have to MOVE my butt more.
So I'm tracking again and making a POINT to get out and walk at least 4 times a week, more if I can.
What can I say...I'm down 7.6 pounds in the last 2 weeks. :D Here's the kicker: This is FAT (Water retention) week and I'm down 4.4! This plan really works when you work it.

I realize I let myself slip into the habits that other people on the plan slip into and the complain it doesn't work. Well, it doesn't if you don't USE THE TOOLS. I'm proof of it. Truly.

So I'm trekkin on, and I do believe I'll be at my goal weight by my wedding day. Fitting is this Friday, so I'm going to get an undergarment that sucks it ALL see if we can get by without the MAJOR alteration that we have in mind. It will work, but I would really like to keep the dress as it is if I can.

Plans are moving right along, we have nailed down our site, my gown, our officiant, our cake baker, our caterer, my shoes, and a few little things. We still have a lot to do, but we've got more appointments this weekend and a fun one on Friday - we meet with a custom jeweler to discuss creation of our wedding set!

On a food find note: I am not much of a soda drinker, but Jef and I have found one we like to indulge in from time to time. You gotta try Coke ZERO. Today. If you like Coca Cola Classic...but you don't want all that sugar, this comes much closer than Diet Coke ever has. Try it, and let me know what you think!

Only 28 more pounds to go to goal. I know I'll get there. WHOO HOO!
Have a GREAT week!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Up .2, but so what? I'm floating on a cloud.

So I am up .2 pounds, but that's ok...we had a lovely dinner out on Saturday and I had the left overs on Sunday for lunch...or was it breakfast?
Anyway, Sunday dinner came with a proposal! Yes, THAT kind of proposal. :D And I said YES!
So Jef and I will be married soon, we've not picked the day but will probably have that solidified this weekend after we look around at possible sites in Santa Barbara to have the ceremony/reception.
It's really easy planning a wedding with someone you really share values and deep love with. I'm enjoying the process.

However, I am feeling a little down...I would like to share this event with my family and special friends, but they are all so scattered...not only I am concerned that some of the people who are important to me won't be there. The day really is about SHARING this wonderful love and the joining of our lives together with others that we feel love's this whole LOVE fest and I worry that it will be lacking in some way for me. *sigh* Am I just being silly?
I'll just come out and say it: It would complete the day for me if my family were present. All of them, the good, the bad, the ugly, the survivors that we are in our own ways. We're a goofy bunch but there is love between us that I hope hasn't been lost over the years. I hope there is a glimmer and that when they receive my invitations, they will come to Santa Barbara for a fun weekend and share this very special day with me and see me join my life to this very special man who loves me so unconditionally. I cannot have my mother and father there in body, but they will be on my mind and so there in I would like to have my siblings and their partners there too.
The Moore-Allbright wedding would be VERY special if they can all be there, but I'll take what I can get. If only my sister's come, I'll be content with that. I just had to express that I want them all to be there...

Hustle and bustle ahead, and still about 30 lbs to lose...I'd love to have it all off by the wedding day...but that may be just a tad unrealistic...however, 20lbs is doable and I'm shooting for that.

I'll be running around a lot but still need to focus on getting EXERCISE... :)

Root me on?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Down again: 7.4 pounds and back on track

What a GREAT week. Not the weight loss...although that's not too shabby, but the WEEK was so nice.

We spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe with a bunch of REALLY SMART people and did some hiking up in Heavenly Valley.

I let this post sit in my drafts too long and I'm lost about what to say cuz I have more to say about the current week.

This having no laptop stuff is for the birds...I'm calling the fixers NOW!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

NYC, Junior's Cheesecake and I'm up 8.8 lbs. Also a Parenting Question.

Vacation was FUN FUN FUN. We traipsed all over Manhattan, across the Brooklyn Bridge, rode the subway to places far and wide, and took full advantage of the wonderful public transportation available in that area. Why can't California get their public transportation together like NY and the surrounding states have?

Thanks to a gentleman in our complex here at work, I learned about a lovely diner in Brooklyn called Junior's . We never found the one in Brooklyn...but 'lo and behold, our hotel was right around the corner from the Times Square location! Sooooo, over the course of vacation, I had 3 pieces of cheesecake. I know...overkill, shame, and sweet ecstasy!
I went completely off my plan, drank too much, ate too much and came home to enjoy food poisoning from the wee hours of June 9th til the later hours of the same day.

What did I learn? With my laptop dead in the water, (sending it back again for repair) and not having an electronic way to track my food while away from a pc...I am useless on this plan. I think I could set up an excel spreadsheet to do what I need to do, but the convenience of looking up the calories for the foods I'm ingesting is GONE and that makes it challenging for me. I'm all about ease of the plan. :D

So, I purchased another book last night, this one is basically an oversized pocket size booklet that has most of the information found on the website I use. I'm going manual with paper and pen until I set up an excel spreadsheet that I can use on my smartphone. I gotta get used to tracking even when I have no electronic aid. So I have my tracker, my book for foods, my book for dining out foods and a few others, and I'm taking them with me as we head off for Lake Tahoe tonight for "Fusion 2008" a masterminding session with some very bright people.

I will not let a little thing like the loss of computing power stop my progress...though it did slow it down, I learned why, and I'll make the necessary adjustment and move on. :D

For all you parents out there, I need some input/advice/thoughts on the matter:
I had made arrangements with my son to watch our doggy while we were in NYC. The few days before, he got a little flaky doing something we talked about and I warned him not to I fired him...then he wouldn't return my call, so I made other arrangements for the doggy.
He was upset with me for doing that, but time, return my darned phone calls.
So, while we were away, our doggy broke free from her caretaker at the local "Big Dog" Parade...apparently, she'd seen something to freak her out and off she went, wriggled free of her collar and ran like a bat out of hell. I called my son to ask him to help find our doggy, and he never responded to phone calls or text messages.
When I spoke with him after our return, to tell him to go ahead and use the job I fired him from as a reference, I won't slam him, nor will anyone else...then I asked him...and his reason for not calling or responding was because he figured, after I changed the plan on him last minute, he could only laugh and go back to sleep. What a great kid, huh? I reminded him to keep this whole thing in mind when he needed a favor from me...

So yesterday, he calls me to get something from with living arrangements at the college he wants to attend in the fall. My question is: Why should I help this selfish person make his dreams come true when he does selfish things like that and for all he knows, our doggy could be dead. I realize, as a parent, there are things I need to do to help him, but I think, right now...he needs to learn to apologize for being a jerk, really figure it out...and until then, I am not going to help him. Why should I go into debt for his college? Why should I put a deposit on his housing? He's been working since June of last year here with me and not saved a dime. Yet I'm supposed to foot the entire deposit. He's not found another job either.

I think the most important help I can give him right now is to let him see/feel/experience a bit of humility. Crack the hard shell around him and learn that it's ok to admit mistakes and to take responsibility for one's choices and the consequences (good or bad) that go along with them.

Of course I want to help him get to college, but I absolutely refuse under the current circumstances. What are your thoughts Parents??

Friday, May 30, 2008

.8, Guess I'm going to crawl to the finish line. :D

And that is ok, just to get there is good enough...

I am now tipping the scale at 179.4! That's a number I ain't seen in a very long time...

Been a busy/rough week but the light at the end of the tunnel begins when I leave work today. From there it's off to NYC!

My goal for NYC is to keep on losing weight. YES I will enjoy a treat or two while I am there, but I also expect to be walking ALL OVER that fine city and I will come back showing a loss of weight. Of that, I have no doubt. I also plan to use the gym facilities and pools if they are available. (I've packed workout gear and a bathing suit. :D)

This week has been rough...and I learned I wasn't correctly calculating a couple of the foods I eat regularly...which helps explain the slow crawl to the finish I need to start with fresh eyes on the program as if I'm a newbie and not 18 months into it.

My son basically quit his job here at my work this week, via Text message...though he still isn't quite ready to accept that responsibility and also a few others. I have to keep reminding myself that the lessons are HIS to learn and I just need to let him go far enough to learn them. I've been REALLY guilty of trying to cushion his falls and hope he'll learn. The truth is, he isn't learning...and how many of us learn the cushy way? I sure didn't. So I shed a few tears for the waste that it is that we, as humans, HAVE to learn things the hard way...and the loss of having my son near me at work every weekday. We're good, I love him to pieces, but it's time to really let him fly...go son go! You're going to be fine. I gave you the best tools for your toolbox, I have no doubt you're going to be successful in the face of life's challenges.

I just wish I didn't hurt so much...gotta work harder on the whole "ego" and "attachment" thing. It's such an adjustment for me...for so many years, it was Sam and me...the level of communication and understanding we have...well, another single mom would understand it I think. It's subliminal at times.
I'm enjoying the fact that I get to live my life for me now...but for so many years, my life revolved around him...I'm not at a loss for what I'll do's just that he won't be such an integral part of it all. That's the adjustment and the attachment that is painful to let go of I think. It's a mix of emotions actually; there's pain, sadness, anger, relief, happiness, trepidation and confidence. And that's all about ME...because, deep down...I know he'll be ok. Whatever life throws at him, short of taking him from this world (and I'm not going to think too long on that one), he's got the tools and the brain to handle. I know he does, I raised him and I see evidence that he learned it everytime we talk. Now my job is only to help him pick himself up, dust himself off and continue on his journey when he's done all he can and needs a little help. No more rescuing him from the bumps of life. Bumps are good, the tougher the better.

I thought I let go when he moved out...but truly, working with me only prolonged the letting go and grieving process for me. So, I'm going to go on vacation tonight and breathe, enjoy time with my man and some friends, and continue to find out who I am beyond "Sam's Mom".

Pics from NYC when we get back. And yes, I'll find a place to weigh in next week while we're there!

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

'Nother .4 off.

I misposted last week, that's been corrected. I think the misposting is interesting tho, I said I tipped the scale at 180.2 when it was actually 180.6 last week...and so this week I made it to 180.2. :D

So Maybe I should say I tipped the scale at 176.3 or something. :D :D

I've adjusted to the simple fact that I won't reach my goal weight by my birthday, but the trip next week to NYC and all the walking we'll be doing around that beautiful city will certainly jump start the metabolism. I'm taking a bathing suit to take advantage of the hotel pools too. Chlorine sure does a number on my hair though, I think I may get a bathing cap...I don't care how dumb it looks, my hair gets FRIED in chlorine.

I'm so excited about taking vacation. The prep before will be all about the girly stuff. Getting my eyebrows threaded (that's an indian technique involving twisted thread to pull the hair out) and then getting my hair did on Thursday night...with some advice on the correct way to iron my hair for the optional straightlook. I'm also considering getting another color of the clip in hair extensions like the blue ones I have already. Purple anyone? But then, I keep thinking RED would be hot. :D So, the girly stuff is fun again, and a large part of this journey is about getting back to enjoying that part. Probably get a mani-pedi with my friend Kate in NYC if I can convince her on our girl's day out. Those are a nice treat any time.

I have my laptop back and in working order, so tracking is back on track...and I did the usual "Date Night" thing where I eat what I want, within reason and use up some of those weekly optional calories. So, a few drinks (mostly wine) and some fried food were on the menu last night. Today, (Sunday) has been about sleeping in (til noon!), making breakfast, being lazy and blogging. Now I think I'll get ready to head out and move this body for a while. The sky is overcast so the pool won't be happening, but it's great weather for a nice long walk. With the usual place being a bit soggy, we'll head for the paved path by my work and head towards the beach, that will be a nice LONG walk.

See ya! Have a Happy Memorial day cookout and a great week!

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Pictures, New -do.

So I thought it was time to post some more pictures...I got a new hairdo as well, the transformation is almost complete! BWAHAHAHAHAH!

But seriously, I'm 14.6 lbs lighter than the last photos taken in March. :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Down another 3.2 this week

Tipped the scale at 180.6 last night. Only 30.2 lbs to go to my goal of 150...and when I get there, who knows, I may keep going just 10 more pounds, but we'll see how 150 feels. It's a healthy weight so it may be the right weight for my body.

I walked more last week, took my dog out for a 2.4 mile trek a few times. I've been avoiding the bluff because the uneven ground tends to aggravate the leg issues. Walking on the even sidewalk is good for both of us. She gets to grind her little doggy nails down and I get to walk farther with less or no pain.

I'm kind of excited, I've been asked by our meeting leader to enter a contest the company is sponsoring to share my story. The prizes are a trip to NYC, a 4 night stay, some cash to spend and roundtrip maybe I'll get the big apple twice this year! I don't think I've mentioned that I leave for 9 days on the east coast on May 30th!!

Yes, I'm going to spend 5 wonderful days in the big apple, just soaking up the atmosphere and tromping ALL OVER that lovely city. Then we're off to CT to visit family and friends, TROMP around the area where I was born and grew to about 7 years of age and then back to Long Island for an overnight stay before we fly back home. I love NYC. I could live there for a couple years, but then I think the west coast beaches would call me home again. There's something odd to me about a sunrise over the beach...although I get both sunrise AND sunset here in Santa Barbara...the beauty of a south facing beach. :D

The upcoming week will be interesting, heading off to Vegas for my nephew's graduation. I'm taking my swimsuit cuz my hotel and my sister's community center has a pool. I'll swim in the sunshine when I can, and when I can't I'll use the indoor pool at the hotel...I think they have a whirlpool too, so I'll definitely take advantage of that! Maybe visit their gym room in the mornings too...we'll see. I need to make sure to move as much as I can while I'm there, because the 6 hours of car riding each way (I'm driving) isn't the best opportunity to move my body. 12 hours sitting on my butt...have to counteract that somehow. :D

I'll be back to normal on Wednesday when I get back into the groove of the workday/weekend thing...although it won't really be back to normal until after June 20th.
Next week is a 3 day work week, the following week is Memorial day, so that's a four day work week, then I'm off on vacation the first week of June, then I work 4 days the following two weeks due to a long weekend vacation event that Jef and I are attending up in Tahoe, CA. I call it the Geekfest, but it's actually really cool. .

Fusion2008 is a gathering of some very smart, very interesting people with a variety of experience in life and tons of cool ideas about the future and where it's going, where they want it to go. While we're there, we set goals and work on clarifying goals that may be a bit "ethereal" so that we can get more solid and work toward them as well. I'd already set a goal of weight loss when we attended last years event, but that group helped me clarify some other issues and I've really been able to work on each one to some extent this past year. I've done this year's profile so I'm looking forward to attending and seeing what the year ahead will have in store for me as I continue to work toward creating a more goal oriented life.

All in all the next few weeks will be fun, interesting and exciting and in the midst of all of it, I need to write a 400 word essay about my experience with the weight loss plan I'm I can enter the contest. Wish me luck! I'll know if I made it sometime in September of 2008.

My goals this week:
Finish up the billing at work so I can relax on vacation
Move move move while in Vegas and when I get back home: Swim at least 90 mins total and walk at least 160 mins total.
Watch my food intake at the parties and buffets in Vegas...and the car ride to and fro :D

Have a wonderful week...what goals will you set for YOURSELF this week?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Up a pound 183.8 this week

Funny, I started walking this week too...BUT I ended up being sick too, so who knows...I'm still sick, and will take it easy this weekend in hopes of getting better. Sore throat, can't focus, cough. The bugs this year are hellacious. :(

I have to admit, I'm struggling a bit, but I'm NOT GIVING UP.

Not feeling well, so this is a short post.
Have a good week!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another 1.2 lbs down. 182.8 now...creeping along.

I have two months to lose 32.8 pounds and I don't think that's healthy...but I could do it if I would JUST GET MOVING. I'm stretching irregularly, but I am stretching at least once a day. I'll shoot for twice this week because I am reaping the benefits and having less pain in my leg.

I got a new swimsuit last weekend and haven't used it yet. Was a WARM weekend but I took too long to get into the pool and didn't leave myself enough time...and the weather has since cooled off a bit. Oh well, at least I'm ready for when the weather is warm again.

I went to Ann Taylor a few nights ago and tried on clothes there, I was AMAZED to find I could fit into pants and skirts in a size 14...but the dresses...although, with help, I could zip them up...I couldn't BREATHE once I was zipped. The "girls" are bit robust for an Ann Taylor size 14 dress I think. I think a 16 would fit but our local shop doesn't carry anything above a 14 and even that is a rare find there. Still it was exciting and another piece of information to add to my changing body image.

I also purchased some resistance tubing and bands. I've used them a little one time and they'll do the trick for toning that I'm in desperate need of...can't believe how saggy/baggy the older body becomes as it loses weight. You'd think, after carrying 110 lbs, I'd have some MUSCLE under there. :D :D

Dealing with Stress is still a bit of an issue, had a really hard day yesterday and I went for chocolate, but I've found some really rich chocolate called Hershey's Whole Bean that I can eat and savor very slowly so that less is so satisfying to my desire for the flavor of chocolate. Yum. Unfortunately, it seems it's being discontinued around here, so I may have to order it from Amazon or something. Try it if you can find it, it's really wonderful.
I also reached for Wine, which isn't horrible...basically, I was still looking for food to comfort me...but I kept the portions sane. All in all, I'm getting better at it, and that's a good thing.

I did finally figure out what my trigger food category is...Fried salty stuff. French fries, zucchini, (you know that breaded fried kind that is soooo yummy), potato chips, the Kettle chips rock my socks. Anyway, if I have those, I gotta stick to preportioned servings and not have any in my house. I'm best off just avoiding them, but I realize now that there will be times I'll just trigger out and eat a bag of chips. If Faith Hill can do it sometimes and still be healthy, I suppose I can do it a couple times a year and live too. It's that once a day or once a week or even once a month that will GET me. This is really all about awareness and changing my relationship with food afterall. I have discovered some chips that are pretty good substitutes, they're at Safeway or Von's and they're a newer store brand called "Eating Right." I can eat 28 chips for 110 calories. They aren't super healthy, but they are certainly healthier than real chips. :D The Barbecue Flavored ones are my favorite.

Trader Joe's has some wonderful multigrain tortilla chips that I love to enjoy on a taco salad or with some salsa. Try them, you get quite a nice portion and they're high in fiber, low on calories. And, actually, Trader Joe's has a TON of healthy foods to choose from, they really are great for those of us trying to make healthier choices. Not to mention their pricing is fantastic!

So, I'm stretching, and will increase that to twice daily - morning and night, thanks Jef for your support this week...just keep "asking" me ok? *smooch*
I'll swim if the weather is warm enough, or I'll doggie will appreciate that, and I'll use my toning bands/tubes once a day too. Start toning up the wiggly arms and thighs...and see if the saggy butt will lift a bit too. Time to really transform the body into healthy muscle, work out a bit more so that the last of the unhealthy weight will come off more easily and also, just because I always feel better AFTER I've done some form of Exercise...

Someday...I'll have a bicycle. OOOH! I know!!! I have to WORK For a bike! yeah!, I work out as promised above thru the end of July 2008 and I can get me a bike. Nothing fancy, just something I can ride around on. Wish me luck! And have a great week.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

1.6...slow but steady

So I'm adjusting to the fact that I may not make it to my goal by my birthday...I've got 34 lbs to lose and just under 10 weeks to do that... I don't see me losing 3.4 pounds a week. Of course, if I get up off my lazy butt and actually MOVE, it could be a possibility.

I haven't mentioned this yet because I don't like to make excuses and I don't like whining on my blog. (I have no problem whining out loud. hehehehe)

I'm having some trouble with my left leg. So far, chirocrackers want me to come back FOREVER to fix it, my doctor wants me to get a shot in the hip joint of cortisone to help and I've been to physical therapy...but I didn't do the daily stretching they gave me to do...and I dropped off their map. I'm dumb, I know. I got so much relief from the stretches too. I really gotta do that. This pain isn't cool, and it gets worse when I don't stretch.

Why am I so dumb about this???? So that's why I'm not walking so much, it HURTS pretty badly after a little while.

No more stupidity! Starting TONIGHT I stretch morning and night. Heck I have so much free time since my laptop died...I almost don't want another one...I'm often ready for work on time with my face and hair done these days 'cause I'm not sitting in bed looking at email and junk that I don't need to look at. So I HAVE time, and HAVE the need, I will DO IT! (and the little voice says, "sure you will....") But this is about my health...and like the weight...I just have to find the mind set. I'm SICK OF THE PAIN. So I will do what I gotta do. (JEF-Please help by asking me if I stretched today....I love you)

I tipped the scale at 184 even pounds last night. I'm feeling pretty good. 34 lbs left to go, I think...I'll see how I feel as I approach the goal of 150, and maybe I'll go a little further...maybe not, just not sure what the right/healthy weight is, but I know I'll know it when I get there. The photos help, since my body image still doesn't quite match what is actually happening.

That's it for now, Have a great week!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Down 2 more lbs

185.6 is what the scale said on Wednesday, April 16th. I had a busy work week that had me standing and walking more than ever, a huge part from my usual sitting on my butt all day work. :D

All in all it was a pretty good week, but for now, I'll focus on the week ahead...because I'm dealing with a bit of mental challenge that I need to GET OVER.

You see, my pc died. My less than 2 year old sony viao lovely personally engraved and gifted to me by the man I love dearly...just up and died. Sony says it will cost me more than it's worth to fix, so I'm getting a second opinion. But here's my challenge: it is difficult for me to switch to PAPER tracking of food. I've been trying, to no avail to get a program loaded on to my old PDA to track my food intake, but that's having issues all it's own. grrrr. It's not enough to derail me, but I will tell you that without a pc, I didn't track all weekend. No tracking means eating TOO MUCH. Though I never felt TOO full or beyond satisfied, without tracking I am most certain I over ate calories. And being as I can't remember what I ate really, I'm pretty much done with the weekend. :(

I'm doing better since I can track at work, and I'll just borrow Jef's pc to finish up the night tracking, (I really don't like doing that, he has his OWN things to do with his pc) so I'll just take a min or two to finish the tracking for the day and move on.

I sure hope they can fix my pc for way less than the cost of having to buy a new one. If that's the case, it'll have to wait a while, I've got a trip to NYC to save up for, a kid to help into a place and art school and a new phone that allows me to get online, but unfortunately, the site I use isn't windows mobile friendly. Darnit!

This will not derail me, but I do need to adjust to paper tracking. Guess I need to buy a 3 month tracker at the meeting this Wednesday. *sigh*

I think I could get the program to work on my old PDA if I could figure out what about our work network is blocking it from communicating with the web...Any IT peeps reading this, I would love to hear from you.

More after Weigh in Wednesday...have a great week!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Kid can SING!

He really can! Look! Once I figure out how to post the video here.

And the weight remains the Same. :D

For period week, that's not bad. So I'm still at 187.6
Posting late...on the next weigh in day even...more later...was a BIG eating week, so I'm not hopeful. :*(
But something exciting happened this week and I'll put it in the next post.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Right about the Water... 8.6!!!

Yep, the scale settled in at 187.6 last night. Total loss is 105.6 now and I am only 37 pounds away from MAINTENANCE!!!

New Ticker too! I've chosen the jet theme because I am hoping to have reached the end of this ticker by the time, or sooner than, I head off to NYC for a 9 day vacation. I love the Big Apple and hope that one day I can live there for a couple years. Just a couple years...the winters there...two years will be about all I can stand. :D

I can't believe that, once again in this life of mine, I am so close to my goal. And with that, there are many little mind tricks going on in this little head of mine...little voices say I can eat cake, I can haz cheezburger, I can relax a bit and enjoy more. BUT that little voice doesn't stand a chance! Because this journey has been so very different from any that I've taken prior to this. Some have been similar, but this one stands alone.
The still small voice will never win over my stomach. I just can't eat that much anymore...and I absolutely refuse to eat something that isn't completely and utterly DELICIOUS. I've learned that it's simply not worth it. Besides, life is way too short to eat food that isn't delicious.

For a nice treat last weekend, Jef and I got on the motorcycle, ( I sure do enjoy riding on the back of that thing!), and headed out to Carpinteria to a new chocolate shop there called, Chocolats du CaliBressan and I have to tell you, each and every chocolate we picked out was worth it's weight in gold. I have never had more interesting, delicious and just plain FUN chocolate in my life. We got the small box of 6 and individually chose 3 for each of us. We enjoyed one as soon as we got home and the other two were devoured when we got home from a lovely date night at the 2 year anniversary for the Daily Sound newspaper. They had nice music and the event was catered by Fresco! a restaurant true to it's name. They had roasted vegetables, fresh fruit and a selection of breads and crackers, a tasty warm cheese dip that was great on the different breads. (I didn't each much, but I did have some!) Wine and margaritas and mai tai's were also served. It was a nice party held at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

I'm beginning to consider ideas for the transformation of this blog into something useful to others...rather than about ME ME ME!!! But there are sooo many blogs out there about diet and healthy eating, and I wouldn't/couldn't begin to do half as good a job as Hungry Girl probably my most favorite site for finding ways to make better choices for a healthier body.

I did discover a low cal way to create a "Pizza" that is VERY satisfying when one craves pizza but doesn't want to take the big HIT a pizza delivers.

Tortilla Pizza
1 La Tortilla Factory brand Smart & Delicious whole wheat tortilla
1/4 cup Kraft Fat Free Shredded Cheddar cheese
1 stick Light string cheese
3 tbsp to 1/4 cup Marinara or Spaghetti Sauce (choose a low cal version like Eating Right from Von's/Safeway AVOID Prego, it's loaded with sugar)
1/4 cup Mushrooms (chopped)
1/4 cup each of a few other veggies you'd like

Place the tortilla on a microwave safe plate, smear the tortilla with the sauce, spread it around to cover as much surface as you can.
Cut the string cheese into little circles and distribute them over the top
Sprinkle the fat free cheddar over that
add your vegetables and if you want some meat, Canadian bacon doesn't do too much damage at all.
Place in the microwave and cook on high for about 30 to 45 seconds...could take up to a minute though.
Slice the "pizza" into pizza type slices and enjoy!

Calories 234, fat grams 6.5, Fiber 15.2, Protein 18.5, Carbs 34.5 As made in recipe above.

Hope some of you will try that and let me know if it's a good substitute for your pizza craving too!

I woke up this morning, sat up, read some email, had a bit of a coughing fit and tossed my back out. :( I managed to work a full day and even walked to the chiropractor, (about 15 mins each way because I can't walk very fast right now). I walked because I left my headlights on this morning when I parked at work and my battery was dead by used to hold up pretty well, but I've forgotten it a few too many times and it's just not holding a charge like the die hard it once was. I think the walk there and the walk back was good for me though, as it loosened up otherwise tight muscles. Doc said it would be good to walk there ya go.

I'm hoping to experience less and less back pain, but the leg is an issue and this chiropractor is the 4th person, (my doctor, my physical therapist and 2 chiropractors) to tell me that my hip joint is the culprit. I think they're right and I need to get busy doing my stretching and maybe consider the shot my doctor told me about...If I can avoid pain, I can keep from tightening up when I'm trying to stretch and that will help me do better stretches and get better results a little faster. I'm a weenie when it comes to pain. I think my oldest sister got my pain threshold. She can take more pain than I could ever conceive. Not a quality I admire, I just want my pain threshold back! :D

SO...last thing to write about: At the meeting last night, we discussed reframing and each of us worked on ONE habit we would like to change. Mine was "sitting on my butt" and I came up with some great ideas to help me work on working out more...Unfortunately, they will have to wait a little, BUT if I can walk to the chirocracker and back, I can do a little something even when my back is out.

What I came up with as ways to combat being lazy:
Commit to doing X amount each week on this blog
Start doing the Walking Challenge on the website ( I like this idea because I tend to over do and go for the gusto, when all I really need to do is half of what I strive for and truly, half is more manageable for my life right now.)
Get a walking buddy (but I'm pretty much decided against brain doesn't do well with "have to's")
Report my exercise to this blog and also to a group of ladies I correspond with via email. We've all already begun doing that, but I need to commit to doing a bit more...and report that I've actually DONE it.

That's it in a nutshell. I'll walk as much as I can the next few days. I am standing way more at work than I usually do, just because I need to alternate between sitting and standing as much as possible so I don't stiffen up. But I need to walk and more than anything, I need to STRETCH this leg and the stretches I was taught at physical therapy.

I'm leaning toward that shot, cuz I'm a wimp. :(

I hope you all have a fantastic week, I'm going to see if the pain medication will help me sleep better tonight than I did last night.
Til Next week!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Whoa Nellie!

Up this week...a WHOPPING 5.6 pounds! "Holy CARP!" you say, "Relax" I say...

I drank enough water to drown a buffalo that day. I was at a seminar at a fancy hotel and they had this herbal tea that was SOOOOO GOOOD! I just had to have 6 cups of it. Then I drank two large bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water...and a few glasses of plain water...3 or 4..and a glass of Iced Tea at lunch.

I ate very healthy for the day, so it's gotta be water...

However: Confession time....
I enjoyed the HELL out of, not one, but TWO cupcakes from a new shop in town called "Crushcakes" I went for the Red Velvet crushcake, and walked out with one of those AND a peanut butter cup crushcake. I enjoyed them, one after the other on Sunday evening and they were delicious. Funny, I had been craving CAKE since Friday sick day. And once I ate the one cupcake I was done...but I couldn't let the peanut butter one go to waste...HENCE I've only ONE! But they were divine and this is about learning to eat like a healthy person...and healthy people indulge once in a while.

Next week I'll be down so much, they'll tell me to watch it. It really IS water, you don't gain 5 lbs eating 2 you? NAW... :D

Til next week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I made it!

I tipped the scale at 190.6 lbs today, that's a total loss of 102.6 lbs. YAY!
I got a magnet, to add to my collection at work. A medal to add to the other two that hang from my 10% key ring and a certificate showing my accomplishment.

It's a big deal. Then it struck me. I've gained and lost 100 lbs since I've known Jef. Poor guy, met this pretty girl who got all Jabba-the-hut on him. LOL! Now we're both happier. :D

Then it dawns on me that I only have 35 or 40 lbs to go to goal...and it's getting harder to do I have to step up the exercise. I want to get a cheap bicycle and start riding to work and back. It's only a few miles, but then I am getting that much more exercise in my day, contributing to a healthier world by burning less gas and maybe I can get a walk in the evening too. I'm hoping it will warm up soon so I can start swimming too, I really enjoy working out in the pool here, but they don't heat it much, so the weather needs to be warm.

I'm happy, and confident that I'll make it and learn to maintain, finally.

I'm reading "A New Earth" and sort of watching the Oprah classes on Mondays...I say sorta cuz I started to watch the first night and it wasn't working so well, so I gave up, and I have intentions of watching, but I'm really enjoying the actual READING of the book. I will be reading it again when I am done the first time around. The second time with highlighter and tabs in hand to mark the pages that I need to keep handy to remind me to stay in presence and not allow my ego to take me over. Ah to be reminded again of how to find inner's the only way to world peace! I don't always agree with the way he words things, but I can't really argue with the points he makes. :D It's a great book and if you're feeling lost or lonely, get a copy and read it...find yourself again.

I'm going to enjoy a glass of chambord and toast this momentus occasion and remember the days of chambord shared with my mother. :D

I'm also thinking of starting another blog...this one about relationships...we could use another relationship guru in our world, couldn't we? HAHAHAHA, but really, I think I have some good things to share. If I do start it, I'll post about it here.

Have a wonderful week, I'm going to keep on going!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Up again. .6 lbs...Will I ever get there?

So, I'm really dancing around getting to this 100lb milestone. Kinda funny and kinda sad, but not so bad. After all, I'm still 99 pounds lighter than I was a year ago.

It's about that time anyway and also I walked at least 4 miles a day on Saturday through Tuesday so my muscles are retaining a bit of water.

I've tracked everything and I didn't dip into my extra weekly calories as much as I normally do...only about 8% of them...and that's probably the lowest week yet. SO...WTH????

I'm a bit frustrated, but let me be totally honest with myself...I did go out for a margarita with friends on Friday. ONE margarita. Then Jef and I went out to Karaoke on Saturday night and I had a margarita then too. ONE margarita. I also drank plenty of water both nights. I had margaritas instead of a glass of wine...And maybe I wasn't diligent about measuring and we're going to be on top of that this week. And I'm also going to pay attention to getting the 8 healthy guidelines in: Water, enough Protein, milk, healthy oils, move more, whole grains, at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies, multi-vitamin and limiting added sugar and alcohol. I'm already doing all of this, but I'll pay more attention. Even if it IS period week. :p

I refuse to give up. I'll just keep tracking, keep measuring, keep doing what I've been doing all along and eventually, that darned scale will start moving faster again...I only have 44.2 pounds to goal. I CAN DO THAT!! :D :D

Thursday, March 6, 2008

1.4 off....4 short of that 100 mark.

I really thought I had it this week, and actually I do, but I couldn't find my "weigh in dress."

What is that, you ask? It's a dress that I've weighed myself and I KNOW that sucker weighs only .6 lbs so I weigh as almost NEKKID when I wear it for weighing in. :D :D
Last night I weighed in wearing a think pair of pants and a very light shirt, but that pair of pants was the difference. The scale tipped at 193.6, just .4 short of 100 even pounds.

Is OK, just means I celebrate the 100 lb mark next Wednesday evening. I'm ok with that. Mostly. :P (Just praying water retention is on the calendar for next week.)

Really though, I'm feeling great, I look pretty darned good and I'm still trekkin. This week, I cut down on caloric intake just a little. I don't wait for that 10 lb mark to show, I give it a jumpstart. :D (I'm still changing it every 10 pounds, I just don't wait for the scale to say I've reached 190.

And as of Saturday, the full on walking begins again. YAY! Moving and breathing is good in the sunshine.

Til next week.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Up .4 Let the rollercoaster ride begin! *Pictures too*

Ah yes, Winter time has been such a challenge for me. I'd work out in my home and I do a few things, but (here comes the excuse) I really like to do my Susan Powter old old workout and I can't do a lot of it because I have a ceiling height of about 7 feet (give or take a couple inches), so extending my arms is out of the question. (For those of you that haven't noticed, please note the ceiling in the following pictures.)

I did enjoy some walking though it was after this weigh in. So I'm at an even 98 pounds off and that's what I choose to focus on.

We'll be setting the clocks forward this weekend. YAY!! I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!! And that means I'll have sunlight after work and walking will HAPPEN! And summer is coming so SWIMMING will HAPPEN!
I have brought my shoes to work a couple times with the full intention of taking a walking lunch hour...but that's only happened the one time that Jef came to walk with me, (thanks for your support,'re so good to me.)

So, I've got to look at that and figure out how I'll get more movement in the future winter times, though a few years into the future that shouldn't be a problem as I'll be travelling and exploring new places all the time. That's my hope anyway.

In the meantime, perhaps a Curves membership in the wintertime is what I need...Still kicking that one around, but daylight savings time is upon me and I'm looking forward to being OUTDOORS.

Have a wonderful week, I know I will!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Year = 98.6 lbs.

That's right! As of Feb 21, I have been on the plan for 1 year. And on weigh in night this Wednesday, the 20th, I tipped the scales at 194.6 a full 3 pounds lighter than last week and just 1.4 lbs short of 100 lbs. imagine 10 sacks of potatos (the ten pound size) all lined up...damn, that's all OFF my body now. No wonder my knees are happier...if only my left leg would get happy again too. Stretching is a good thing, Liz...keep doing it!

The difference this week? I think it was all the walking on date day. I'm thinking a day of movement or two on the weekends during this cold wintry season, are the way to go for me, until the weather improves for my poor cold littler body! :D

Anyone catch the Eclipse last night? I managed to see most of it before the clouds shrouded it from view, but did share the event with my bestest girl friend via long distance telephone. It was a shared eclipse and a good time.

Been a stressful week of computer trouble at work and I've got a pretty constant headache and some minor chest pains from the stress. I'm thinking the chest pains are stress related because when I am stressed to this capacity, I often just simply forget to breathe...deeply. I do breathe, but barely. So I'm breathing deep at the moment and trying to relax. IIIIIIINNNNNNNN and OOOOOOUUUUUUUUTTTT.

It's my date night to plan...we might do something similar to what we did last weekend...but maybe I'll pick a different town. :D

Be well, see ya next week.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

197.6 now...ONEderland

That's up .2 from the week I'm still struggling a little bit this winter with the weight loss. Still not moving much...too busy being COLD!
My sister said she experienced the same thing when she lost bunches of weight. So I went out and bought some sweaters at the Macy's President's day sale. I'm toasty now and no longer wish to curl into a tight little ball of warmth.
Jef and I went on a nice date day this past Saturday, walked all over the "off State Street" streets to see what the off streets of the downtown strip have to offer. It was a fun exploration involving some herbal tea, a folk musical instrument shop, a bead shop I wanted to check out but is now under renovation, a spiritual shop where we saw some really fun greeting cards. That shop was just off the parking garage where we parked the motorcycle so we strolled through on the way to the street.
We also had a wonderful late lunch/early dinner of authentic French crepes here in town. They were almost just like mom used to make. mmmmm mmmm so good. And not too bad in calories as I was careful about what I filled them with.
We walked for at least 3 hours so I definitely got some exercise in that day. I felt like it the next day. :D

Still too dark after work and in the middle of tax season, I don't often break for lunch. I need to do that and WALK.
Gearing up...cheer me on? encourage me? berate me? kick me out the door?
Next post due by 2/23/08

Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog neglect

I'm bad...I here and now recommit to blogging every weekend or weigh in day to share the week and any challenges I've faced. For now though, I'll settle for catching up.
Jan 16th weigh in found me at 202.4 lbs, a loss of 1.8
Jan 23rd weighed me in at 200.6 lbs another loss of 1.8 lbs.

I did have a very happy morning...I put on my Eddie Bauer Dress this I bought the last time I took the weight loss trek...and it FIT!!! I did a happy dance and wore that sucker to work! I have lost the weight before, I can't wait for the part where I learn to maintain the loss this time. :D

Yay, weight is coming off still even though it's cold, dark and now wet in the evening and I'm being a lazy BUTT.
I am looking forward to February and longer periods of daylight, so that I can get out and move this body and build up some muscle tissue and begin to reshape my body.
I don't have room to do most aerobic workouts, (on video), or much of anything else in this little space and I like exercising OUTDOORS. I live in Santa BARBARA for criminy sakes!!!
Ok, so yeah, I'm being a lazy butt. I know it's bad. I want a bicycle but have no where to keep it, I think I'll start renting one on the weekend, for at least one day and ride around for a few hours. I did do some sort of exercising tonight when I got home. I danced and then I did some leg lifts for a while. The latter being prompted by a comment from Jef this morning...something about my ass and it's absence. :(

The hardest thing for me to do on this new living plan is MOVE. I move some, I do walk but not for exercise...though any movement counts... I don't like Gyms and currently I'm arguing with one about why I DON'T owe them any money.
I've thought of Curves, they're right by my work, but I don't want to pay to exercise when I have all I need here to do it FOR FREE. All I need EXCEPT daylight and nice weather.
I'm so bad about moving, I'm not even doing my physical therapy stretching. Which is really odd, because I am usually a MODEL patient.

I don't know where all this resistance is coming from. I think I shall let that percolate for a bit, because it's obviously resistance...and I've exercised in the past and I really do enjoy it. More next time...hopefully I'll have an epiphany to share.

Have a great week and stay dry!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Picture from the weekend

I went on a wonderful Girlfriend's weekend with my friend Holly. What a spectacular time we had. We really enjoyed just RELAXING! I want to do it again next year. Here's a pic of me taken just Sunday, January 13, 2008.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Catching up and it's been interesting.

So I ended the holidaze by adding another 3.8 lbs. WHOA. It's truly amazing how the pounds pack on when you eat all the goodies you want! :D
This time around though, I was very aware of the increased tightness of my clothing and generally felt uncomfortable. And this year for the holidaze, I put on a total of 6 pounds. TOO MUCH FUDGE!!! I am certainly not keeping any in the house if I make it again next year. And of course, I didn't blog about it...I was bummed. OK? I admit it. :(

But this week I made good for all of it. I weighed in at 204.2 which means I lost 8.2 this week!!!! Holy Carp! The lady that weighed me in was about to get on my case, (and if I were to continue to lose at this rate, I wouldn't blame her!) but I wriggled out of getting into trouble for losing weight too fast. I'll be fine next week and I just really needed to catch up.

Truly, I didn't do anything different. I think it's just that "reset" effect that happens whenever you start a "diet" and last Wednesday I got serious and back on track and so I reap the benefits of that.

I did learn a thing or two...falling off the wagon makes it VERY difficult to get back ON the wagon. Not impossible, but it's a mind bender...what I found worked best for me to help me get the mind set back and to eat less was to increase my water and fluid intake. I drank so much herbal tea and crystal light flavored water last week I could have floated away! But now I know what to do if I stumble, I know what works for me.

One more pound off and I'll be at 90 pounds off since starting this new way of living back in February of 2007 and I do believe that when the 21st of February rolls around, I'll be seeing that scale show a total loss of 100 pounds. I believe I'll reach my goal of reaching my healthy weight by my birthday this year...and even if I don't, I'll be much closer to it than I was for my birthday last year. :D

Wishing everyone and anyone who reads my blog a wonderful 2008. Success, love, happiness, time with family and time for yourself...I wish all of this for each of you.
See you next week!