Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Pictures, and old.

Today is weigh in day, that's my new weigh in dress. It's pretty lightweight.

I still need to lose about 20 lbs to get all the flab off, but I'm doing really well.

I am down another 1.6 tonight. yay! I'm moving and grooving again. Date Nights involving exercise are a good thing! We rented bicycles out by the beach, rode around for 1.5 hours (should have been 2 but Jef wanted to make a phone call)...and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara under the stars. Skipped dessert but enjoyed a lovely dinner.

So the scale says 172 lbs now. That's a total loss of 121.2 lbs. Just 22 lbs to go. I could do it in 11 weeks if I got really serious...but I am not sure I coming, and the dress fits, so I think I'll just stay on track and take it as it comes.

Wedding plans going swimmingly and the exercise is back on track. Though I still get lazy sometimes. All in all, I'm just dealing with the daily struggle of not stagnating HERE at this weight. I want to reach GOAL!!!

Have a great week!


Seals-Brown Family Blog said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to tell you that you look great!! From your old and new pictures, you have done an exceptional job with your goal. Don't give're almost there.

Take care,

skylar said...

Hey There,

You look fabulous!!! There is quite a change. You will make it I know you will. Great Job!!!

Your friends,

The Melnyks

Seals-Brown Family Blog said...

Hey there,

You're very welcome. Truly, you look great. I am a mother too and I know exactly what you mean about learning the hard way.

Congratulations on your engagement!!! You must be very excited!!! When is the big day? I wish you the best.

I was just browsing the blogs and I came across yours. I was really amazed of your transformation based on your pics and I had to leave you a comment.

Take Care

Colette Cooper said...

My goodness, you look lovely! Wow, you started close to 300, I had no idea! The woman who I told you about earlier who was trying to lose weight was much bigger than you ever were. Probably closer to 400 I'm guessing. Anyways, much love,