Thursday, May 15, 2008

Down another 3.2 this week

Tipped the scale at 180.6 last night. Only 30.2 lbs to go to my goal of 150...and when I get there, who knows, I may keep going just 10 more pounds, but we'll see how 150 feels. It's a healthy weight so it may be the right weight for my body.

I walked more last week, took my dog out for a 2.4 mile trek a few times. I've been avoiding the bluff because the uneven ground tends to aggravate the leg issues. Walking on the even sidewalk is good for both of us. She gets to grind her little doggy nails down and I get to walk farther with less or no pain.

I'm kind of excited, I've been asked by our meeting leader to enter a contest the company is sponsoring to share my story. The prizes are a trip to NYC, a 4 night stay, some cash to spend and roundtrip maybe I'll get the big apple twice this year! I don't think I've mentioned that I leave for 9 days on the east coast on May 30th!!

Yes, I'm going to spend 5 wonderful days in the big apple, just soaking up the atmosphere and tromping ALL OVER that lovely city. Then we're off to CT to visit family and friends, TROMP around the area where I was born and grew to about 7 years of age and then back to Long Island for an overnight stay before we fly back home. I love NYC. I could live there for a couple years, but then I think the west coast beaches would call me home again. There's something odd to me about a sunrise over the beach...although I get both sunrise AND sunset here in Santa Barbara...the beauty of a south facing beach. :D

The upcoming week will be interesting, heading off to Vegas for my nephew's graduation. I'm taking my swimsuit cuz my hotel and my sister's community center has a pool. I'll swim in the sunshine when I can, and when I can't I'll use the indoor pool at the hotel...I think they have a whirlpool too, so I'll definitely take advantage of that! Maybe visit their gym room in the mornings too...we'll see. I need to make sure to move as much as I can while I'm there, because the 6 hours of car riding each way (I'm driving) isn't the best opportunity to move my body. 12 hours sitting on my butt...have to counteract that somehow. :D

I'll be back to normal on Wednesday when I get back into the groove of the workday/weekend thing...although it won't really be back to normal until after June 20th.
Next week is a 3 day work week, the following week is Memorial day, so that's a four day work week, then I'm off on vacation the first week of June, then I work 4 days the following two weeks due to a long weekend vacation event that Jef and I are attending up in Tahoe, CA. I call it the Geekfest, but it's actually really cool. .

Fusion2008 is a gathering of some very smart, very interesting people with a variety of experience in life and tons of cool ideas about the future and where it's going, where they want it to go. While we're there, we set goals and work on clarifying goals that may be a bit "ethereal" so that we can get more solid and work toward them as well. I'd already set a goal of weight loss when we attended last years event, but that group helped me clarify some other issues and I've really been able to work on each one to some extent this past year. I've done this year's profile so I'm looking forward to attending and seeing what the year ahead will have in store for me as I continue to work toward creating a more goal oriented life.

All in all the next few weeks will be fun, interesting and exciting and in the midst of all of it, I need to write a 400 word essay about my experience with the weight loss plan I'm I can enter the contest. Wish me luck! I'll know if I made it sometime in September of 2008.

My goals this week:
Finish up the billing at work so I can relax on vacation
Move move move while in Vegas and when I get back home: Swim at least 90 mins total and walk at least 160 mins total.
Watch my food intake at the parties and buffets in Vegas...and the car ride to and fro :D

Have a wonderful week...what goals will you set for YOURSELF this week?