Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally made it to a new Ticker!

I thought that last one would NEVER be replaced. It was supposed to be gone before my trip to NYC in June...oh well, I got lazy, distracted, a little bored, and let's just face it, I got LAZY.

These last 20 months have been times of HUGE change for me. Life changes, health changes, body image changes. (I'm still trying to figure out what stores I shop at choices are limited only by my wallet...which seems to be pretty limited, but the choices are so much more than they used to be...and I find I want more quality clothing now, as I expect to wear it for a LONG time.

Middle of October, Jef and I headed over to a swap meet for surfers because I'd seen an ad on Craigslist that a used bike sale would be there too. We found a couple of nice used bikes for 150.00 for the pair...and off we went.

Since then, I've spent probably 4 times the cost of my bike on accessories so that I can ride safely to work and back. Helmet - check. Blinking lights for front (white) and back (red) - check. Rearview mirror to stick on helmet - check. Basket/rack for carrying things to and from work and other places - check. Padded Seat cover for my new boney butt - check. Bike Lock - check. Headlight for seeing where I am going in the dark - check! (replacement rearview mirror for the one I broke first time out - check. :D ) Nab some bungee cords from Jef - check. I'm set!

The ride to work can go two ways. Along the busy city street of Hollister and that's a little over 5 miles each way. I don't mind it much, but it's not as pretty as the Coastal Route I can take from my house, through UCSB, along the beach at Goleta Beach, then down the Maria Ygnacio trail to where I work. That ride is a little under 7 miles each way and when I take it in to work, I can't help but smile and be SO grateful to live in this wonderful California Beach town. Especially this morning...November 13, 2008 and the temperature was already in the high 60's allowing me to pedal in without a sweater. Amazing. I had a great big grin on my face the entire way.

I just don't understand the serious faces of the people I pass on my way to work. Yeah, I'm going to work, but LOOK how I'm getting there!!! And I get to go home the same way?? AWESOME!!

Yeah, I'm enjoying this pedaling thing. I can almost see myself fully decked out in those matching biker shirt and shorts ensembles that match my bike and my helmet all up. Almost. But for that to happen, the colors are going to have to be pretty amazingly vibrant. Haven't seen a set yet that I can't live without. :D

I just feel like a kid again when I get on that bicycle. (The basket is just like one I had when I was younger that helps with the nostalgia.) I'm free to pedal pretty much where I like, and this town is set up for bicycles to roam free. How many people can enjoy a bike ride at this time of the year?

But here's the key: I finally found exercise I TRULY enjoy. I mean, I LOVE THIS BICYCLING thing. Something about the wind in my hair I guess. :D And since I can't rollerskate anymore, this is the next best thing. So being all geared up with basket and such, I can go where I want, shop if I want, or pick up whatever...within limits, of course...and just enjoy the heck out of my day without dreading getting out and getting some exercise. It's just FUN...and if I'm sweating while I'm having Fun, then YAY for me. :D So, Thank you to my husband for hearing me say, yet again, that I really really really wanted a bike to ride and for going with me to get some nice used bikes and for going riding with me and for helping me get here. I needed this. For me. I'm so happy you're sharing it with me and so glad we did this for ourselves.

So I'm blogging again. Two months later than the last post. Because the weight is coming off again. Because I'm exercising. Moving more, imagine that! And the more I pedal, the easier it gets and the faster I go. (Those kids at UCSB that pass me are SO annoying!!! I mean, there I am, pedaling like the dickens, huffing and puffing along...and they just breeze by me...and their bike has only ONE gear!!! I'm here with 21 and using ALL of them baby, so just pass me already...but one won't pass me watch out you whipper-snappers! :D )

Last nights weigh in showed a loss of 4.2 lbs and FINALLY tipping the scales in the 160's! 168.8 actually, which is exactly on target to finish off that darned Ticker and start a new one. The next, and final, 10% goal is to lose another 16.9 lbs to a final weight of 151.9 lbs. I think that's a healthy weight for my size and shape. It always was in the past...but if I can do better, and be in great shape, then I will.

It's important to be realistic and also to avoid selling myself short. So I'll consult with my doctor too and see what he thinks the healthy standard is for me and set that as my goal. So I say that this next ticker is my final, but maybe it isn't. I'll know when I get there if there's more to do, because I live in this body...and I want it to continue to support my brains and my life as long as it possibly can. :D

Have a great week! I'll blog again soon.