Saturday, February 24, 2007

This is me. I'm 45 1/2 years old and tired of the YOYO that has been my life with weight and food. On February 21, 2007, I signed up to try a diet system online with live meetings in town. For now, I am using a plan that allows me to choose from all the foods in the world because I know better than to restrict myself from foods I CAN'T have. My brain requires the freedom of knowing I can eat what I want, even if what I want is a snicker's bar.

What's my goal, you ask? Well my goal is to get my body down to about 145 pounds and a little less if I can. But for now, using the diet system I am on, it's just to lose 10% of my current weight which as of the pictures you see above is a whopping 293.2 pounds!!! Holy moly how'd I get back here??? Too much comfort food, chocolate and cookies. That's how! So for now, my goal is 29.2 pounds.

So here I am, walk with me...I'll blog each week after weigh in, talk about challenges, rewards, upheavals, plateaus, making better choices, shopping, and all things that need altering in my life in this Journey to the Thinner Me. If you'd like to cheer me on, I welcome your input. If you want to post rude things about me, try to restrain yourself. This blog is for me. To inspire me to keep going until I reach my goal and stay there.

I started Wednesday, but it's now Saturday night. So far, so good. The only thing I need to do is increase my water intake...and ask a few questions at the next gathering. I don't want to share to much about the plan I am on, even though I am sure many can figure it out. I am not writing this to promote anyone, and I may change the plan I use as I go along...again this blog is for me. To keep me on the path to being healthier, living longer and being able to move about the cabin more freely.