Thursday, April 24, 2008

1.6...slow but steady

So I'm adjusting to the fact that I may not make it to my goal by my birthday...I've got 34 lbs to lose and just under 10 weeks to do that... I don't see me losing 3.4 pounds a week. Of course, if I get up off my lazy butt and actually MOVE, it could be a possibility.

I haven't mentioned this yet because I don't like to make excuses and I don't like whining on my blog. (I have no problem whining out loud. hehehehe)

I'm having some trouble with my left leg. So far, chirocrackers want me to come back FOREVER to fix it, my doctor wants me to get a shot in the hip joint of cortisone to help and I've been to physical therapy...but I didn't do the daily stretching they gave me to do...and I dropped off their map. I'm dumb, I know. I got so much relief from the stretches too. I really gotta do that. This pain isn't cool, and it gets worse when I don't stretch.

Why am I so dumb about this???? So that's why I'm not walking so much, it HURTS pretty badly after a little while.

No more stupidity! Starting TONIGHT I stretch morning and night. Heck I have so much free time since my laptop died...I almost don't want another one...I'm often ready for work on time with my face and hair done these days 'cause I'm not sitting in bed looking at email and junk that I don't need to look at. So I HAVE time, and HAVE the need, I will DO IT! (and the little voice says, "sure you will....") But this is about my health...and like the weight...I just have to find the mind set. I'm SICK OF THE PAIN. So I will do what I gotta do. (JEF-Please help by asking me if I stretched today....I love you)

I tipped the scale at 184 even pounds last night. I'm feeling pretty good. 34 lbs left to go, I think...I'll see how I feel as I approach the goal of 150, and maybe I'll go a little further...maybe not, just not sure what the right/healthy weight is, but I know I'll know it when I get there. The photos help, since my body image still doesn't quite match what is actually happening.

That's it for now, Have a great week!