Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another 1.2 lbs down. 182.8 now...creeping along.

I have two months to lose 32.8 pounds and I don't think that's healthy...but I could do it if I would JUST GET MOVING. I'm stretching irregularly, but I am stretching at least once a day. I'll shoot for twice this week because I am reaping the benefits and having less pain in my leg.

I got a new swimsuit last weekend and haven't used it yet. Was a WARM weekend but I took too long to get into the pool and didn't leave myself enough time...and the weather has since cooled off a bit. Oh well, at least I'm ready for when the weather is warm again.

I went to Ann Taylor a few nights ago and tried on clothes there, I was AMAZED to find I could fit into pants and skirts in a size 14...but the dresses...although, with help, I could zip them up...I couldn't BREATHE once I was zipped. The "girls" are bit robust for an Ann Taylor size 14 dress I think. I think a 16 would fit but our local shop doesn't carry anything above a 14 and even that is a rare find there. Still it was exciting and another piece of information to add to my changing body image.

I also purchased some resistance tubing and bands. I've used them a little one time and they'll do the trick for toning that I'm in desperate need of...can't believe how saggy/baggy the older body becomes as it loses weight. You'd think, after carrying 110 lbs, I'd have some MUSCLE under there. :D :D

Dealing with Stress is still a bit of an issue, had a really hard day yesterday and I went for chocolate, but I've found some really rich chocolate called Hershey's Whole Bean that I can eat and savor very slowly so that less is so satisfying to my desire for the flavor of chocolate. Yum. Unfortunately, it seems it's being discontinued around here, so I may have to order it from Amazon or something. Try it if you can find it, it's really wonderful.
I also reached for Wine, which isn't horrible...basically, I was still looking for food to comfort me...but I kept the portions sane. All in all, I'm getting better at it, and that's a good thing.

I did finally figure out what my trigger food category is...Fried salty stuff. French fries, zucchini, (you know that breaded fried kind that is soooo yummy), potato chips, the Kettle chips rock my socks. Anyway, if I have those, I gotta stick to preportioned servings and not have any in my house. I'm best off just avoiding them, but I realize now that there will be times I'll just trigger out and eat a bag of chips. If Faith Hill can do it sometimes and still be healthy, I suppose I can do it a couple times a year and live too. It's that once a day or once a week or even once a month that will GET me. This is really all about awareness and changing my relationship with food afterall. I have discovered some chips that are pretty good substitutes, they're at Safeway or Von's and they're a newer store brand called "Eating Right." I can eat 28 chips for 110 calories. They aren't super healthy, but they are certainly healthier than real chips. :D The Barbecue Flavored ones are my favorite.

Trader Joe's has some wonderful multigrain tortilla chips that I love to enjoy on a taco salad or with some salsa. Try them, you get quite a nice portion and they're high in fiber, low on calories. And, actually, Trader Joe's has a TON of healthy foods to choose from, they really are great for those of us trying to make healthier choices. Not to mention their pricing is fantastic!

So, I'm stretching, and will increase that to twice daily - morning and night, thanks Jef for your support this week...just keep "asking" me ok? *smooch*
I'll swim if the weather is warm enough, or I'll doggie will appreciate that, and I'll use my toning bands/tubes once a day too. Start toning up the wiggly arms and thighs...and see if the saggy butt will lift a bit too. Time to really transform the body into healthy muscle, work out a bit more so that the last of the unhealthy weight will come off more easily and also, just because I always feel better AFTER I've done some form of Exercise...

Someday...I'll have a bicycle. OOOH! I know!!! I have to WORK For a bike! yeah!, I work out as promised above thru the end of July 2008 and I can get me a bike. Nothing fancy, just something I can ride around on. Wish me luck! And have a great week.