Thursday, September 4, 2008

Up 1.2 AGAIN

Ok, so the dancing around in the 170's is getting old.

I'm doing way too much comfort eating...and I'm not doing much, but enough! I'm drinking too much wine to relax due to all the wedding planning stress...and I'm eating too much chocolate which is breaking out my face and that's just not ok with a wedding only 2 weeks away.

GOSH, two weeks! EEEEK! I'm excited, anxious, delighted, and a bit concerned...just that the day will be nice weather, that we'll have a wonderful day and start our MARRIAGE off right and without me behaving like some kind of bride-zilla.

I'm hoping to have a nice massage the night before and quite possibly the day of. :D Colette Cooper is a talented Masseuse here in Santa Barbara and I'm hoping to pay her for her services to help me relax and not have any muscle tightness or issues with my back due to stress (and corset lacing) that day. :D

So, I finally realized, with the help of one of the ladies who helps weigh us in when we arrive, that I am only 9 lbs away from the top of the goal range for my age/height. However, she had me at 5' 8" and I'm only 5' 7" or a little less...thanks to gravity. So really, my weight range is 128 to I think my goal of 155 is realistic.

I WILL reach my goal of 155 lbs by the beginning of November.

By my wedding day...only 2 weeks away...5 lbs is doable. Maybe 6, but that's REALLY pushing it. Though I've been FLOATING here at the low 170's for so long, I might be able to drop a quick 10...
I just need to be more strict with myself. I've been really lenient because I've come so far. I look at my pictures in the previous post, before and after, right next to each's FRIGHTENING to see how bad I let myself get AGAIN...and I will NEVER do that to my poor body again. I fear, if I did, I would die. Seriously.

But I had a reset in the brain last night...I'm SO CLOSE, but not yet there. Yes I've come far...but I close last time and went back up. THAT ISN'T going to happen this time. NOPE. I'm ON IT!

Most of you know which program I'm on, but I'm going to break precedent and let you know which one I'm on because, if I inspire ANYONE, now's the time to join. Weight Watchers is promoting, for the next 6 weeks, "Lose for Good." For every pound of weight lost by Weight Watchers members between 9/7/08 and 10/18/08, they’ll donate the equivalent of a pound of food — up to one million dollars — to people around the world who need it.

I WILL lose 12 pounds during this campaign. Join me! Join Weight Watchers and do something good for yourself and for others at the same time.

I WILL walk daily. I WILL do 50 sit ups daily. I WILL take EVERY opportunity to MOVE my body and break a sweat. I WILL track everything I eat and I WILL be VIGILANT to the plan and I WILL reach my goal weight.