Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I made it!

I tipped the scale at 190.6 lbs today, that's a total loss of 102.6 lbs. YAY!
I got a magnet, to add to my collection at work. A medal to add to the other two that hang from my 10% key ring and a certificate showing my accomplishment.

It's a big deal. Then it struck me. I've gained and lost 100 lbs since I've known Jef. Poor guy, met this pretty girl who got all Jabba-the-hut on him. LOL! Now we're both happier. :D

Then it dawns on me that I only have 35 or 40 lbs to go to goal...and it's getting harder to do I have to step up the exercise. I want to get a cheap bicycle and start riding to work and back. It's only a few miles, but then I am getting that much more exercise in my day, contributing to a healthier world by burning less gas and maybe I can get a walk in the evening too. I'm hoping it will warm up soon so I can start swimming too, I really enjoy working out in the pool here, but they don't heat it much, so the weather needs to be warm.

I'm happy, and confident that I'll make it and learn to maintain, finally.

I'm reading "A New Earth" and sort of watching the Oprah classes on Mondays...I say sorta cuz I started to watch the first night and it wasn't working so well, so I gave up, and I have intentions of watching, but I'm really enjoying the actual READING of the book. I will be reading it again when I am done the first time around. The second time with highlighter and tabs in hand to mark the pages that I need to keep handy to remind me to stay in presence and not allow my ego to take me over. Ah to be reminded again of how to find inner's the only way to world peace! I don't always agree with the way he words things, but I can't really argue with the points he makes. :D It's a great book and if you're feeling lost or lonely, get a copy and read it...find yourself again.

I'm going to enjoy a glass of chambord and toast this momentus occasion and remember the days of chambord shared with my mother. :D

I'm also thinking of starting another blog...this one about relationships...we could use another relationship guru in our world, couldn't we? HAHAHAHA, but really, I think I have some good things to share. If I do start it, I'll post about it here.

Have a wonderful week, I'm going to keep on going!