Thursday, September 11, 2008

2.8 pounds of food donated this week.

I am soooo close to breaking into the 160's! Just .5 pounds and I'm there! However, I'd like to be down another couple pounds by next week.

Check out that Ticker! I'm so close to making a new one!!! And only 15 pounds away from my goal. It's amazing to be so close and still KNOW I'm going to get there. According to Weight Watchers, I'm only 6.4 lbs away from goal I figure a couple more months of paying them for meetings and then it's FREE!!! This is - by far - the best investment I've ever made into my health.

It's not just the weight's the tools I've learned to help me get here and then stay here. I use at least one or three of those tools DAILY. :D

Wedding plans are going well, we're only 9 days away from the big day...friends and family begin arriving next week on Wednesday and I'm going to enjoy every minute of their company! It's lonely here in Santa Barbara when you're just a "regular Jane" like me. I'm looking forward to seeing the people I love.

My friend, Tina, threw a Lingerie Bridal shower for me last Saturday. It was a lovely day, the salad bar style lunch she prepared was FANTASTIC and I was showered with nightgowns and pajamas. There were a few "sexy" things, but nothing to wear outside of the bedroom. I suppose that's what it's all about and I really loved everything I received. It was awkward receiving so many gifts, but as I was putting all the pretty things away that evening, I was pretty stoked to have so many nighties to enjoy wearing. I've even picked the one I'll wear to lounge around in on Wedding night/morning after. I'll share pictures when I get my hands on some. I did look at a few and there is one that I had to stop and stare...I looked so much like my mother. I will miss her terribly on the wedding day...but I know she'll be with me in my heart.

This coming week will be pretty easy on me as far as stress eating is concerned...I've got most of my stuff taken care of, now it's just little things here and there, and my girlfriends will help a lot when they get here next week. I've cut out alcohol and chocolate until the day of the wedding. Though I did have to taste the wine we'll be's drinkable, but not the wine I'd hoped to be serving. After the wedding, I'll reintroduce some wine in the evening, but I really do need to limit myself to one glass. Two is just too much anymore. :D I lose all resolve and then get the nibblies or have a third glass that I really don't need.

I do expect the party to begin Thursday, September 18, as my childhood friends will be here and we'll be reminscing and enjoying a little "margarita therapy" together. Just need to keep the drinks to ONE for me. Wedding day, I'll have a glass of wine, then a few glasses of water...repeat. :D

Any pointers on really good eye cream to battle under-eye puffiness?

Have a great week!