Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog neglect

I'm bad...I here and now recommit to blogging every weekend or weigh in day to share the week and any challenges I've faced. For now though, I'll settle for catching up.
Jan 16th weigh in found me at 202.4 lbs, a loss of 1.8
Jan 23rd weighed me in at 200.6 lbs another loss of 1.8 lbs.

I did have a very happy morning...I put on my Eddie Bauer Dress this I bought the last time I took the weight loss trek...and it FIT!!! I did a happy dance and wore that sucker to work! I have lost the weight before, I can't wait for the part where I learn to maintain the loss this time. :D

Yay, weight is coming off still even though it's cold, dark and now wet in the evening and I'm being a lazy BUTT.
I am looking forward to February and longer periods of daylight, so that I can get out and move this body and build up some muscle tissue and begin to reshape my body.
I don't have room to do most aerobic workouts, (on video), or much of anything else in this little space and I like exercising OUTDOORS. I live in Santa BARBARA for criminy sakes!!!
Ok, so yeah, I'm being a lazy butt. I know it's bad. I want a bicycle but have no where to keep it, I think I'll start renting one on the weekend, for at least one day and ride around for a few hours. I did do some sort of exercising tonight when I got home. I danced and then I did some leg lifts for a while. The latter being prompted by a comment from Jef this morning...something about my ass and it's absence. :(

The hardest thing for me to do on this new living plan is MOVE. I move some, I do walk but not for exercise...though any movement counts... I don't like Gyms and currently I'm arguing with one about why I DON'T owe them any money.
I've thought of Curves, they're right by my work, but I don't want to pay to exercise when I have all I need here to do it FOR FREE. All I need EXCEPT daylight and nice weather.
I'm so bad about moving, I'm not even doing my physical therapy stretching. Which is really odd, because I am usually a MODEL patient.

I don't know where all this resistance is coming from. I think I shall let that percolate for a bit, because it's obviously resistance...and I've exercised in the past and I really do enjoy it. More next time...hopefully I'll have an epiphany to share.

Have a great week and stay dry!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Picture from the weekend

I went on a wonderful Girlfriend's weekend with my friend Holly. What a spectacular time we had. We really enjoyed just RELAXING! I want to do it again next year. Here's a pic of me taken just Sunday, January 13, 2008.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Catching up and it's been interesting.

So I ended the holidaze by adding another 3.8 lbs. WHOA. It's truly amazing how the pounds pack on when you eat all the goodies you want! :D
This time around though, I was very aware of the increased tightness of my clothing and generally felt uncomfortable. And this year for the holidaze, I put on a total of 6 pounds. TOO MUCH FUDGE!!! I am certainly not keeping any in the house if I make it again next year. And of course, I didn't blog about it...I was bummed. OK? I admit it. :(

But this week I made good for all of it. I weighed in at 204.2 which means I lost 8.2 this week!!!! Holy Carp! The lady that weighed me in was about to get on my case, (and if I were to continue to lose at this rate, I wouldn't blame her!) but I wriggled out of getting into trouble for losing weight too fast. I'll be fine next week and I just really needed to catch up.

Truly, I didn't do anything different. I think it's just that "reset" effect that happens whenever you start a "diet" and last Wednesday I got serious and back on track and so I reap the benefits of that.

I did learn a thing or two...falling off the wagon makes it VERY difficult to get back ON the wagon. Not impossible, but it's a mind bender...what I found worked best for me to help me get the mind set back and to eat less was to increase my water and fluid intake. I drank so much herbal tea and crystal light flavored water last week I could have floated away! But now I know what to do if I stumble, I know what works for me.

One more pound off and I'll be at 90 pounds off since starting this new way of living back in February of 2007 and I do believe that when the 21st of February rolls around, I'll be seeing that scale show a total loss of 100 pounds. I believe I'll reach my goal of reaching my healthy weight by my birthday this year...and even if I don't, I'll be much closer to it than I was for my birthday last year. :D

Wishing everyone and anyone who reads my blog a wonderful 2008. Success, love, happiness, time with family and time for yourself...I wish all of this for each of you.
See you next week!