Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2.8 pounds = 38.8 total

So here we are at week # 17 and I'm 38.8 pounds lighter. :D :D *Jumps for Joy, spins around, and does a little jig* :D :D
That's 2.28 lbs per week, and the guidelines are 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. I'm doing very well.

Walked 4 days this week, 4 miles each walk. I know it's four miles because I found a website that helped me figure it out. I do love the trek but the dog comes home with ticks and that is just...well...ICK! It's convenient, I leave the house, head south and in about 20 mins I'm at the coastline.

This week has been easy, nothing special going on either, except I'm wearing clothes that have been hanging in my closet never worn before. That's fun. Some of them, I'll admit, I'm wearing sooner than I should.

It's so funny to me that when I was on the up swing and gaining weight, the 254.4 pounds was terrible. Now it's great and I'm happy to be here and looking forward to the months ahead. The brain is silly sometimes.

Pictures this week. Has it been another 4 weeks already? In these I am wearing the same black pants that I started with. They fit a little different now. I can still wear them but I can also remove them without undoing them. :D

OH! One more thing. I've reset the blog so that anyone can post a message, no more do you have to create an account with Blogger. So, please go ahead and leave me a message if you want to. :D Love to hear from you all. (Except spammers...your stuff will be promptly deleted.)

The week ahead: Walk Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon AND Tuesday. Seek out a not so tickish walk if possible. And if I don't walk, I will SWIM.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'Nother pound off, and Graduation day

Couldn't go to my regular weigh in spot because I'll be at my son's Middle College (High School) graduation tonight.

So I used my morning break to head over and weigh in somewhere else. One more pound off my body and that's just fine. Brings me to 257.2 lbs. I'm getting there! I've been increasing my walking to include a full circuit around the Ellwood Mesa which takes me 1.5 hours if I'm really working it and 2 hours if I'm working it but not kicking my butt. :D I've done it twice in the past week along with shorter walks with Jef. Clothes are fitting better whether the scale reflects that or not. This is where it's REALLY important for me to pay attention to my CLOTHES.

I'm changing my body composition from the lump of LARD it had become to a healthier model with MUSCLE in there somewhere. Some folks would say "muscle weighs more than fat" and that sounds good, but it's not true. The true statement would be "Muscle has less volume than fat." So that means that all the exercise I'm doing is slimming my body down but the scale won't change much for a while as the composition of fat to muscle changes. I'm OK with that. :D

I'm wearing a shirt I've not been able to wear for a couple of years and feeling like I'll look nice for my son's graduation ceremony this evening. OH! I can even wear the opal ring that Jef gave me for our first Newtonmas together. (For those of you wondering, Sir Isaac Newton was born on Dec. 25th.) I'm happy about that, I love opals and I really like the ring due to the triangular shape of the stone. It's different and pretty and I'm so happy to be wearing again. :D :D

Having some struggles with my son lately and it's all because I'm having trouble letting him go...that's MY issue and I believe I've figured out why and what and what's next. Just need to talk with him after graduation tonight and then back myself OFF. I sure wish I could tell him WITHOUT tears, but it seems I'm doomed to be tearful when it comes to this part of our life. And we'll both be fine. He's got good tools in his toolbox, I just need to trust he'll use them when he needs 'em. It's been rough, because it's always been him and me in each other's corner...and I had different hopes and dreams about how he'd separate from me and go off to become a man...but he's doing it his OWN way and it took me this long to realize that I'm having a difficult time because of MY HOPES. Reminds me of a favorite old song by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young:

Teach Your Children:

You who are on the road
Must have a code that you can live by
And so become yourself
Because the past is just a good bye.

Teach your children well,
Their father's hell did slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked, the one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you.

And you, of tender years,
Can't know the fears that your elders grew by,
And so please help them with your youth,
They seek the truth before they can die.

Teach your parents well,
Their children's hell will slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked, the one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you.

Taking a deep breath and proudly watching him fly. :*-)

Monday, June 11, 2007

.4 Pounds and a Note To Self

Down to a whopping 258.2 lbs now. dropped 2 dress sizes and went to storage this weekend to raid and grab some smaller clothes. BIG clothes are going AWAY! All of them, GO AWAY. :D :D

Note to Self, DO NOT BLOG ABOUT "expecting" does bad things to brain and suddenly everyday is a challenge. STAY FOCUSED ON THE GOAL and let the challenges roll off your back like water off a duck.

Jeez I complicated my week last week. Just found it more difficult than usual to focus on the goal...and not the food. So I learned, I move on and keep moving.

Took a two hour walk with my dog on Sunday From noon to 2pm, she slept the rest of the day. :D :D. I was energized, did laundry, sorted thru some storage, got some organizing of my stuff done at home, and even spent a little time in my Second Life.

My food log also showed me that I stopped getting enough vegetables in my diet. I don't eat much fruit, and I have also increased that. I was going for the chocolate rice cakes, the low cal snack cakes, and c r a p like that. Not good. Summer is here and the produce is delicious. Farmer's markets are happening and the sun is coming out. The pool looks better everyday.

Today I am wearing a dress I've owned for about 9 years I think, it fits AGAIN and after it doesn't's GONE. :D

I never thought I'd be so pleased to weight 258 pounds. But I am. Yay for me.

Have a great week! I'll do the same.

Friday, June 1, 2007

4 lbs! A total now of 34.6 lbs!

Yep, told ya last weigh in that I would catch up. Seems to be my "cycle". So I'm at 258.6 now. YAY!
I walked a LOT this week, worked hard at work, and moved bunches. I've dropped a couple clothing sizes too.

Went shopping after weigh in but didn't find anything to knock my socks off. I'll look again this weekend. I seem to be in-between a 22-24 and is too loose and the other is too tight. Maybe I need a 21??

My son won a $500 scholarship to help with College in the fall, so we enjoyed an evening of the presentation event then out to dinner and talk. Dinner was planned ahead so that I could take him to any restaurant of his choice. Together we chose Tacone! A restaurant that makes Panini's that are FABULOUS. Again, easily fit into my plan. About my kid: He's a good kid, I'm proud of him.

This week I found myself wondering when I might hit a challenge that threw me for a loop, then I remind myself that I don't WANT to have a challenge that throws me so I shouldn't focus my attention on that for very long. I just see so many people having trouble when I go to weigh in, hear about how hard it is, and I guess I expect it will be for me at some point...and far, this has been the absolute EASIEST weight loss system I have EVER tried. If only I'd done this sooner...but I wasn't ready. Of course, if I had chosen the other of the two systems offered, I would be having a hard time. Let's hear it for freedom of choice and learning to plan!

I guess as my point allowance lowers, I may hit some rough spots, but so far, so good. :D I'm just enjoying the success. I'm averaging almost 2.5 pounds per week and that is fantabulous.

My man and I are reconnecting and he's done what he needed to do and it's all almost behind us. I'm thrilled...and a little ticked off that this thing that was such a dreaded thing turned out to be done in just a few easy weeks. Oh well, happens to all of us and I'll get over it. I'm just glad to have that part of his life on it's way to being behind us. I'm going to enjoy some champagne on the day it's really done. For me, it's something to celebrate, for him it's a bit more serious and reflective I guess. So we'll allow each other to honor the day in the way that fits us each the best.

Life is good. Really good.

Pictures and .8 lbs

Yeah, it was a good week, period week again so weight loss slows down. I've been moving more and did use some of my extra weekly calories...but only 3 or 4 I think.
Pictures will be posted this weekend. I did have them taken the morning of May 23, 2007 and I'll post the new pics next to the old ones for comparison. 262.6 yes!

Here they are all lined up in one pic for you to check on the pic for a larger view. Oh I'm making progress, and this is exciting!!!