Sunday, July 29, 2007

My first time UP.

Yes it was bound to happen at some point. This week I was up .2 lbs! hehehe, my clothes continue to fit better every week so .2 isn't scary. I also started moving again this week, something I haven't done much of due to all of the smoke and ash floating about from the nearby Zaca fire. So I walked a few miles two days this week and did all the wrongs things calories-wise. I didn't go over my allotment at all if you look at the entire week... :/ But I did the same thing I did before when I lost only about .1 or .2...I have got to stop jacking with my caloric intake and just eat what I'm supposed to every day. I consistently lose weight when I do that.
Funny that, 5 months into this plan, I find there are still a few things I'm a bit "mental" about. :/
I still feel great about my progress and .2 is nothing really, especially after the prior week's loss of over 5 lbs.
This week I'll be more active, I do SOMETHING even if it's smokey out. I can do an easy stroll, I won't get as many points, but I'll be moving and I'll still be able to BREATHE when I'm done.
I've learned one thing about weight have to be able to BREATHE to burn fat. :D
Have a great week! See you next!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Holy Moly! 5.8 lbs this week, total lost: 51 lbs

I'm floored. I'm thrilled. I'm so happy I could do the chicken dance.
Forgot to take the pictures this morning so will take them tomorrow morning before I head out for work.
I'm now 242.2 lbs and I've dropped 6 dress sizes.
I had a fun week, it was my turn to carry around the food journal for a week and I really didn't. I use my computer to track what I eat because I type so much faster than can write. So I printed each day out and cut them to fit and glued them to the pages of the book.
I went to the county fair on Saturday, took my son and a friend of his to with me to see Pat Benatar. I set them free to wander while I saved our seats for the show and sent them on a quest to bring me back a funnel cake and a bottle of water. They didn't fail me. :D
I'd been planning on that funnel cake all week so I knew I'd be ok, and it was FABULOUS. I shared it with Sam and Amanda so I didn't eat the whole thing, but I'll admit, I did eat the largest portion. About 20 mins later, I had a mild stomach ache. It was worth it.
Haven't been exercising much, walked one night but the "Zaca" Fire is not far away and in the evening (when I can exercise during the week) the wind changes and we're in smoke and ash. Not a good thing for an asthmatic to be breathing, so I hide inside and sit on my butt. :( I sure hope they get that fire under control soon, it's eerie seeing the smoke crawl over the hills here. And I do worry about all the animals without homes. There are Bears out there too. over 25,000 acres burned so far, I sure hope they get it under control soon.
Since I haven't been exercising, I've been doing some work in the evenings, preparing for our upcoming team retreat which isn't a retreat at all, but an intensive focus session. And also keeping tabs on a website changeover that's not going as smoothly as I would like it to. *sigh*
I'm also spending a bit more time in my "Second Life". I've been working on an upcoming show for a friend of mine, sort of a fashion show of sorts. Also getting rid of some land I've owned for a while in there and turning it into cash. I love that part of Second Life, you can make stuff and make real money. Just wish I could make stuff. hehehehe
I value the friendships I've forged in that virtual world, they've gotten me through some tough times in a real world where all my friends and family live so far away. In 2008 I hope to meet many of them in person.
Well, it's 7:30 and I've got work to do... bleh. :D See you next week!

1.6 and a week late posting!

Hehehehe, here I am facing weigh in again tonight and I haven't posted last weeks stuff.
I don't remember much. But I can tell you that I tipped the scales at a well rounded 248 lbs and that's pretty darned awesome.
Was a good week. I find my resolve a little challenged...but I'm managing. Mostly I'm slacking off on the exercise, but will regain my drive soon. Everyone has downtime, I'm just going to allow myself the space to follow what my body tells me, within reason of course.
Again, it was that time of the month so I'm pretty happy with a loss of 1.6 lbs. I also enjoyed some extra dark chocolate and some port wine. YUM!
Generally eating more vegetables, something I'm not very good at when not watching what I eat...fruits are easier but those go by the wayside too if I don't pay attention.
Still going along as planned though, so I'm feeling good. Pictures to follow in the next post.

Friday, July 6, 2007

3.6 with My Blue Jeans On!!!

Wow, I never wear my blue jeans to a weigh in, because those suckers can weigh 2lbs or more!!! I try to always wear these light weight sport pants to weigh ins so that I am consistent on the scale, who cares if the other folks think I never change my clothes??
Consistency MATTERS people!!!

Well, I couldn't weigh in on Wednesday night because it was a holiday so I went on Thursday and didn't bother to change my clothes. I was amazed when the scale said I'd lost 3.6 lbs. That puts me at 249.6 lbs a loss of 43.6 lbs now!!! That's 2.18 lbs a week! Not bad at all. :D :D

Going to go to storage this weekend and rummage through the clothes there, see what I can bring home to my closet. Going to ship the rest to my niece in Oregon, I think she'll find a few things she'd like, maybe I'll call her first and find out what will work best...and the rest can go to freecycle or some charity here in town. :D :D

I've lost 4 dress sizes and it feels GOOOOOOD! Date night is tomorrow and it's going to be an all day date, so I thought I'd blog today since I won't be around on Saturday.

I'm so happy! **Dances off**

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Anyone can comment!

Yep, no longer do you need to register. Just post a comment. I will get an email to approve it, (to stop spam and rude people), and your words of encouragement will be there for me to read over and over. They really help when I'm having a tough day, so thank you to my friends and family that have posted a few. I love you all.

1.2 for total of 40 off this body

As of today, I am behind almost a week in posting. :( Last week's weigh in was good, week was good. Nothing special to birthday was Sunday the first and there is no weigh in on Wednesday due to the Independence Day Holiday.
I'm thinking maintaining is a good goal since I celebrated the birthday but really didn't burn up to many of my optional weekly calories and today (the 4th of July) involves a barbecue that will fit nicely into my plan as well. So maybe I've actually lost weight this week.
I'm debating weighing in tomorrow or waiting til Saturday and going in the morning. :D :D Yeah yeah, an empty stomach weigh in will look good...but then I've got to stick to Saturday cuz the following Wednesday night could look like a gain. maybe I'll just wait and weigh in next Wednesday...what to do...
Did NOT keep my commitment to walk at ALL because my left leg gave me some grief and sciatic pain so I went to see my chirocracker yesterday and he worked his magic, pulled my leg and the pain is just about gone. I suppose I need to go more often, just trying to work out the details with my insurance. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.
I spent my morning chopping and skewering vegetables that I'll marinate in Chaka's MMM sauce and then throw them on the q. OMG I can't wait! I think I may just do that every single day this summer. LOVE IT.
My reward and birthday gift to myself was a starter kit of Bare Escentuals (used to be called Bare Minerals but they changed their name to be more sexy I guess), and it's exactly what I've been looking for all these years and exactly what they say it is in the commercials. If you've been intrigued and want to try it...I say go for it. A starter kit is only 60 bucks at Sephora and you get everything you need. Right now you can get the kit with free shipping at their website, just key in "GETSTARTED" in the coupon area at check out. I also bought some primer to put on my face first so that the color goes on smooth. I did NOT get the Bare Escentuals brand. I had the saleswoman paint half of my face with their stuff and the other side with some stuff called "spackle" yes "spackle" and it was the better primer so I bought that too. Check me out, I'm an infomercial. :D
Then I dragged Jef with me to the M.A.C. store where I picked out a lipstick in a cool tone. Jef was really sweet and bought it for me. Now I have my warm tone, my cool tone and everything I need to look pretty again. And isn't that fitting? I do feel pretty again. :D :D
I know I have a long way to go, but it's nice to feel good about me again. Really is.
Got a call from my middle sister on Sunday to say how proud she is of my progress and that she is inspired too. I know you can do it Sis, go for it!
My son took me out to dinner for the very first time in his life on the second of July. We had a great dinner, a nice walk afterwards and good conversation.
I guess I'll end this post and wish everyone a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Stay safe!