Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Up .4 Let the rollercoaster ride begin! *Pictures too*

Ah yes, Winter time has been such a challenge for me. I'd work out in my home and I do a few things, but (here comes the excuse) I really like to do my Susan Powter old old workout and I can't do a lot of it because I have a ceiling height of about 7 feet (give or take a couple inches), so extending my arms is out of the question. (For those of you that haven't noticed, please note the ceiling in the following pictures.)

I did enjoy some walking though it was after this weigh in. So I'm at an even 98 pounds off and that's what I choose to focus on.

We'll be setting the clocks forward this weekend. YAY!! I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!! And that means I'll have sunlight after work and walking will HAPPEN! And summer is coming so SWIMMING will HAPPEN!
I have brought my shoes to work a couple times with the full intention of taking a walking lunch hour...but that's only happened the one time that Jef came to walk with me, (thanks for your support, love...you're so good to me.)

So, I've got to look at that and figure out how I'll get more movement in the future winter times, though a few years into the future that shouldn't be a problem as I'll be travelling and exploring new places all the time. That's my hope anyway.

In the meantime, perhaps a Curves membership in the wintertime is what I need...Still kicking that one around, but daylight savings time is upon me and I'm looking forward to being OUTDOORS.

Have a wonderful week, I know I will!