Friday, March 28, 2008

Whoa Nellie!

Up this week...a WHOPPING 5.6 pounds! "Holy CARP!" you say, "Relax" I say...

I drank enough water to drown a buffalo that day. I was at a seminar at a fancy hotel and they had this herbal tea that was SOOOOO GOOOD! I just had to have 6 cups of it. Then I drank two large bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water...and a few glasses of plain water...3 or 4..and a glass of Iced Tea at lunch.

I ate very healthy for the day, so it's gotta be water...

However: Confession time....
I enjoyed the HELL out of, not one, but TWO cupcakes from a new shop in town called "Crushcakes" I went for the Red Velvet crushcake, and walked out with one of those AND a peanut butter cup crushcake. I enjoyed them, one after the other on Sunday evening and they were delicious. Funny, I had been craving CAKE since Friday sick day. And once I ate the one cupcake I was done...but I couldn't let the peanut butter one go to waste...HENCE I've only ONE! But they were divine and this is about learning to eat like a healthy person...and healthy people indulge once in a while.

Next week I'll be down so much, they'll tell me to watch it. It really IS water, you don't gain 5 lbs eating 2 you? NAW... :D

Til next week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I made it!

I tipped the scale at 190.6 lbs today, that's a total loss of 102.6 lbs. YAY!
I got a magnet, to add to my collection at work. A medal to add to the other two that hang from my 10% key ring and a certificate showing my accomplishment.

It's a big deal. Then it struck me. I've gained and lost 100 lbs since I've known Jef. Poor guy, met this pretty girl who got all Jabba-the-hut on him. LOL! Now we're both happier. :D

Then it dawns on me that I only have 35 or 40 lbs to go to goal...and it's getting harder to do I have to step up the exercise. I want to get a cheap bicycle and start riding to work and back. It's only a few miles, but then I am getting that much more exercise in my day, contributing to a healthier world by burning less gas and maybe I can get a walk in the evening too. I'm hoping it will warm up soon so I can start swimming too, I really enjoy working out in the pool here, but they don't heat it much, so the weather needs to be warm.

I'm happy, and confident that I'll make it and learn to maintain, finally.

I'm reading "A New Earth" and sort of watching the Oprah classes on Mondays...I say sorta cuz I started to watch the first night and it wasn't working so well, so I gave up, and I have intentions of watching, but I'm really enjoying the actual READING of the book. I will be reading it again when I am done the first time around. The second time with highlighter and tabs in hand to mark the pages that I need to keep handy to remind me to stay in presence and not allow my ego to take me over. Ah to be reminded again of how to find inner's the only way to world peace! I don't always agree with the way he words things, but I can't really argue with the points he makes. :D It's a great book and if you're feeling lost or lonely, get a copy and read it...find yourself again.

I'm going to enjoy a glass of chambord and toast this momentus occasion and remember the days of chambord shared with my mother. :D

I'm also thinking of starting another blog...this one about relationships...we could use another relationship guru in our world, couldn't we? HAHAHAHA, but really, I think I have some good things to share. If I do start it, I'll post about it here.

Have a wonderful week, I'm going to keep on going!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Up again. .6 lbs...Will I ever get there?

So, I'm really dancing around getting to this 100lb milestone. Kinda funny and kinda sad, but not so bad. After all, I'm still 99 pounds lighter than I was a year ago.

It's about that time anyway and also I walked at least 4 miles a day on Saturday through Tuesday so my muscles are retaining a bit of water.

I've tracked everything and I didn't dip into my extra weekly calories as much as I normally do...only about 8% of them...and that's probably the lowest week yet. SO...WTH????

I'm a bit frustrated, but let me be totally honest with myself...I did go out for a margarita with friends on Friday. ONE margarita. Then Jef and I went out to Karaoke on Saturday night and I had a margarita then too. ONE margarita. I also drank plenty of water both nights. I had margaritas instead of a glass of wine...And maybe I wasn't diligent about measuring and we're going to be on top of that this week. And I'm also going to pay attention to getting the 8 healthy guidelines in: Water, enough Protein, milk, healthy oils, move more, whole grains, at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies, multi-vitamin and limiting added sugar and alcohol. I'm already doing all of this, but I'll pay more attention. Even if it IS period week. :p

I refuse to give up. I'll just keep tracking, keep measuring, keep doing what I've been doing all along and eventually, that darned scale will start moving faster again...I only have 44.2 pounds to goal. I CAN DO THAT!! :D :D

Thursday, March 6, 2008

1.4 off....4 short of that 100 mark.

I really thought I had it this week, and actually I do, but I couldn't find my "weigh in dress."

What is that, you ask? It's a dress that I've weighed myself and I KNOW that sucker weighs only .6 lbs so I weigh as almost NEKKID when I wear it for weighing in. :D :D
Last night I weighed in wearing a think pair of pants and a very light shirt, but that pair of pants was the difference. The scale tipped at 193.6, just .4 short of 100 even pounds.

Is OK, just means I celebrate the 100 lb mark next Wednesday evening. I'm ok with that. Mostly. :P (Just praying water retention is on the calendar for next week.)

Really though, I'm feeling great, I look pretty darned good and I'm still trekkin. This week, I cut down on caloric intake just a little. I don't wait for that 10 lb mark to show, I give it a jumpstart. :D (I'm still changing it every 10 pounds, I just don't wait for the scale to say I've reached 190.

And as of Saturday, the full on walking begins again. YAY! Moving and breathing is good in the sunshine.

Til next week.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Up .4 Let the rollercoaster ride begin! *Pictures too*

Ah yes, Winter time has been such a challenge for me. I'd work out in my home and I do a few things, but (here comes the excuse) I really like to do my Susan Powter old old workout and I can't do a lot of it because I have a ceiling height of about 7 feet (give or take a couple inches), so extending my arms is out of the question. (For those of you that haven't noticed, please note the ceiling in the following pictures.)

I did enjoy some walking though it was after this weigh in. So I'm at an even 98 pounds off and that's what I choose to focus on.

We'll be setting the clocks forward this weekend. YAY!! I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!! And that means I'll have sunlight after work and walking will HAPPEN! And summer is coming so SWIMMING will HAPPEN!
I have brought my shoes to work a couple times with the full intention of taking a walking lunch hour...but that's only happened the one time that Jef came to walk with me, (thanks for your support,'re so good to me.)

So, I've got to look at that and figure out how I'll get more movement in the future winter times, though a few years into the future that shouldn't be a problem as I'll be travelling and exploring new places all the time. That's my hope anyway.

In the meantime, perhaps a Curves membership in the wintertime is what I need...Still kicking that one around, but daylight savings time is upon me and I'm looking forward to being OUTDOORS.

Have a wonderful week, I know I will!