Friday, June 27, 2008

Up .2, but so what? I'm floating on a cloud.

So I am up .2 pounds, but that's ok...we had a lovely dinner out on Saturday and I had the left overs on Sunday for lunch...or was it breakfast?
Anyway, Sunday dinner came with a proposal! Yes, THAT kind of proposal. :D And I said YES!
So Jef and I will be married soon, we've not picked the day but will probably have that solidified this weekend after we look around at possible sites in Santa Barbara to have the ceremony/reception.
It's really easy planning a wedding with someone you really share values and deep love with. I'm enjoying the process.

However, I am feeling a little down...I would like to share this event with my family and special friends, but they are all so scattered...not only I am concerned that some of the people who are important to me won't be there. The day really is about SHARING this wonderful love and the joining of our lives together with others that we feel love's this whole LOVE fest and I worry that it will be lacking in some way for me. *sigh* Am I just being silly?
I'll just come out and say it: It would complete the day for me if my family were present. All of them, the good, the bad, the ugly, the survivors that we are in our own ways. We're a goofy bunch but there is love between us that I hope hasn't been lost over the years. I hope there is a glimmer and that when they receive my invitations, they will come to Santa Barbara for a fun weekend and share this very special day with me and see me join my life to this very special man who loves me so unconditionally. I cannot have my mother and father there in body, but they will be on my mind and so there in I would like to have my siblings and their partners there too.
The Moore-Allbright wedding would be VERY special if they can all be there, but I'll take what I can get. If only my sister's come, I'll be content with that. I just had to express that I want them all to be there...

Hustle and bustle ahead, and still about 30 lbs to lose...I'd love to have it all off by the wedding day...but that may be just a tad unrealistic...however, 20lbs is doable and I'm shooting for that.

I'll be running around a lot but still need to focus on getting EXERCISE... :)

Root me on?