Thursday, April 24, 2008

1.6...slow but steady

So I'm adjusting to the fact that I may not make it to my goal by my birthday...I've got 34 lbs to lose and just under 10 weeks to do that... I don't see me losing 3.4 pounds a week. Of course, if I get up off my lazy butt and actually MOVE, it could be a possibility.

I haven't mentioned this yet because I don't like to make excuses and I don't like whining on my blog. (I have no problem whining out loud. hehehehe)

I'm having some trouble with my left leg. So far, chirocrackers want me to come back FOREVER to fix it, my doctor wants me to get a shot in the hip joint of cortisone to help and I've been to physical therapy...but I didn't do the daily stretching they gave me to do...and I dropped off their map. I'm dumb, I know. I got so much relief from the stretches too. I really gotta do that. This pain isn't cool, and it gets worse when I don't stretch.

Why am I so dumb about this???? So that's why I'm not walking so much, it HURTS pretty badly after a little while.

No more stupidity! Starting TONIGHT I stretch morning and night. Heck I have so much free time since my laptop died...I almost don't want another one...I'm often ready for work on time with my face and hair done these days 'cause I'm not sitting in bed looking at email and junk that I don't need to look at. So I HAVE time, and HAVE the need, I will DO IT! (and the little voice says, "sure you will....") But this is about my health...and like the weight...I just have to find the mind set. I'm SICK OF THE PAIN. So I will do what I gotta do. (JEF-Please help by asking me if I stretched today....I love you)

I tipped the scale at 184 even pounds last night. I'm feeling pretty good. 34 lbs left to go, I think...I'll see how I feel as I approach the goal of 150, and maybe I'll go a little further...maybe not, just not sure what the right/healthy weight is, but I know I'll know it when I get there. The photos help, since my body image still doesn't quite match what is actually happening.

That's it for now, Have a great week!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Down 2 more lbs

185.6 is what the scale said on Wednesday, April 16th. I had a busy work week that had me standing and walking more than ever, a huge part from my usual sitting on my butt all day work. :D

All in all it was a pretty good week, but for now, I'll focus on the week ahead...because I'm dealing with a bit of mental challenge that I need to GET OVER.

You see, my pc died. My less than 2 year old sony viao lovely personally engraved and gifted to me by the man I love dearly...just up and died. Sony says it will cost me more than it's worth to fix, so I'm getting a second opinion. But here's my challenge: it is difficult for me to switch to PAPER tracking of food. I've been trying, to no avail to get a program loaded on to my old PDA to track my food intake, but that's having issues all it's own. grrrr. It's not enough to derail me, but I will tell you that without a pc, I didn't track all weekend. No tracking means eating TOO MUCH. Though I never felt TOO full or beyond satisfied, without tracking I am most certain I over ate calories. And being as I can't remember what I ate really, I'm pretty much done with the weekend. :(

I'm doing better since I can track at work, and I'll just borrow Jef's pc to finish up the night tracking, (I really don't like doing that, he has his OWN things to do with his pc) so I'll just take a min or two to finish the tracking for the day and move on.

I sure hope they can fix my pc for way less than the cost of having to buy a new one. If that's the case, it'll have to wait a while, I've got a trip to NYC to save up for, a kid to help into a place and art school and a new phone that allows me to get online, but unfortunately, the site I use isn't windows mobile friendly. Darnit!

This will not derail me, but I do need to adjust to paper tracking. Guess I need to buy a 3 month tracker at the meeting this Wednesday. *sigh*

I think I could get the program to work on my old PDA if I could figure out what about our work network is blocking it from communicating with the web...Any IT peeps reading this, I would love to hear from you.

More after Weigh in Wednesday...have a great week!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Kid can SING!

He really can! Look! Once I figure out how to post the video here.

And the weight remains the Same. :D

For period week, that's not bad. So I'm still at 187.6
Posting late...on the next weigh in day even...more later...was a BIG eating week, so I'm not hopeful. :*(
But something exciting happened this week and I'll put it in the next post.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Right about the Water... 8.6!!!

Yep, the scale settled in at 187.6 last night. Total loss is 105.6 now and I am only 37 pounds away from MAINTENANCE!!!

New Ticker too! I've chosen the jet theme because I am hoping to have reached the end of this ticker by the time, or sooner than, I head off to NYC for a 9 day vacation. I love the Big Apple and hope that one day I can live there for a couple years. Just a couple years...the winters there...two years will be about all I can stand. :D

I can't believe that, once again in this life of mine, I am so close to my goal. And with that, there are many little mind tricks going on in this little head of mine...little voices say I can eat cake, I can haz cheezburger, I can relax a bit and enjoy more. BUT that little voice doesn't stand a chance! Because this journey has been so very different from any that I've taken prior to this. Some have been similar, but this one stands alone.
The still small voice will never win over my stomach. I just can't eat that much anymore...and I absolutely refuse to eat something that isn't completely and utterly DELICIOUS. I've learned that it's simply not worth it. Besides, life is way too short to eat food that isn't delicious.

For a nice treat last weekend, Jef and I got on the motorcycle, ( I sure do enjoy riding on the back of that thing!), and headed out to Carpinteria to a new chocolate shop there called, Chocolats du CaliBressan and I have to tell you, each and every chocolate we picked out was worth it's weight in gold. I have never had more interesting, delicious and just plain FUN chocolate in my life. We got the small box of 6 and individually chose 3 for each of us. We enjoyed one as soon as we got home and the other two were devoured when we got home from a lovely date night at the 2 year anniversary for the Daily Sound newspaper. They had nice music and the event was catered by Fresco! a restaurant true to it's name. They had roasted vegetables, fresh fruit and a selection of breads and crackers, a tasty warm cheese dip that was great on the different breads. (I didn't each much, but I did have some!) Wine and margaritas and mai tai's were also served. It was a nice party held at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

I'm beginning to consider ideas for the transformation of this blog into something useful to others...rather than about ME ME ME!!! But there are sooo many blogs out there about diet and healthy eating, and I wouldn't/couldn't begin to do half as good a job as Hungry Girl probably my most favorite site for finding ways to make better choices for a healthier body.

I did discover a low cal way to create a "Pizza" that is VERY satisfying when one craves pizza but doesn't want to take the big HIT a pizza delivers.

Tortilla Pizza
1 La Tortilla Factory brand Smart & Delicious whole wheat tortilla
1/4 cup Kraft Fat Free Shredded Cheddar cheese
1 stick Light string cheese
3 tbsp to 1/4 cup Marinara or Spaghetti Sauce (choose a low cal version like Eating Right from Von's/Safeway AVOID Prego, it's loaded with sugar)
1/4 cup Mushrooms (chopped)
1/4 cup each of a few other veggies you'd like

Place the tortilla on a microwave safe plate, smear the tortilla with the sauce, spread it around to cover as much surface as you can.
Cut the string cheese into little circles and distribute them over the top
Sprinkle the fat free cheddar over that
add your vegetables and if you want some meat, Canadian bacon doesn't do too much damage at all.
Place in the microwave and cook on high for about 30 to 45 seconds...could take up to a minute though.
Slice the "pizza" into pizza type slices and enjoy!

Calories 234, fat grams 6.5, Fiber 15.2, Protein 18.5, Carbs 34.5 As made in recipe above.

Hope some of you will try that and let me know if it's a good substitute for your pizza craving too!

I woke up this morning, sat up, read some email, had a bit of a coughing fit and tossed my back out. :( I managed to work a full day and even walked to the chiropractor, (about 15 mins each way because I can't walk very fast right now). I walked because I left my headlights on this morning when I parked at work and my battery was dead by used to hold up pretty well, but I've forgotten it a few too many times and it's just not holding a charge like the die hard it once was. I think the walk there and the walk back was good for me though, as it loosened up otherwise tight muscles. Doc said it would be good to walk there ya go.

I'm hoping to experience less and less back pain, but the leg is an issue and this chiropractor is the 4th person, (my doctor, my physical therapist and 2 chiropractors) to tell me that my hip joint is the culprit. I think they're right and I need to get busy doing my stretching and maybe consider the shot my doctor told me about...If I can avoid pain, I can keep from tightening up when I'm trying to stretch and that will help me do better stretches and get better results a little faster. I'm a weenie when it comes to pain. I think my oldest sister got my pain threshold. She can take more pain than I could ever conceive. Not a quality I admire, I just want my pain threshold back! :D

SO...last thing to write about: At the meeting last night, we discussed reframing and each of us worked on ONE habit we would like to change. Mine was "sitting on my butt" and I came up with some great ideas to help me work on working out more...Unfortunately, they will have to wait a little, BUT if I can walk to the chirocracker and back, I can do a little something even when my back is out.

What I came up with as ways to combat being lazy:
Commit to doing X amount each week on this blog
Start doing the Walking Challenge on the website ( I like this idea because I tend to over do and go for the gusto, when all I really need to do is half of what I strive for and truly, half is more manageable for my life right now.)
Get a walking buddy (but I'm pretty much decided against brain doesn't do well with "have to's")
Report my exercise to this blog and also to a group of ladies I correspond with via email. We've all already begun doing that, but I need to commit to doing a bit more...and report that I've actually DONE it.

That's it in a nutshell. I'll walk as much as I can the next few days. I am standing way more at work than I usually do, just because I need to alternate between sitting and standing as much as possible so I don't stiffen up. But I need to walk and more than anything, I need to STRETCH this leg and the stretches I was taught at physical therapy.

I'm leaning toward that shot, cuz I'm a wimp. :(

I hope you all have a fantastic week, I'm going to see if the pain medication will help me sleep better tonight than I did last night.
Til Next week!