Sunday, May 25, 2008

'Nother .4 off.

I misposted last week, that's been corrected. I think the misposting is interesting tho, I said I tipped the scale at 180.2 when it was actually 180.6 last week...and so this week I made it to 180.2. :D

So Maybe I should say I tipped the scale at 176.3 or something. :D :D

I've adjusted to the simple fact that I won't reach my goal weight by my birthday, but the trip next week to NYC and all the walking we'll be doing around that beautiful city will certainly jump start the metabolism. I'm taking a bathing suit to take advantage of the hotel pools too. Chlorine sure does a number on my hair though, I think I may get a bathing cap...I don't care how dumb it looks, my hair gets FRIED in chlorine.

I'm so excited about taking vacation. The prep before will be all about the girly stuff. Getting my eyebrows threaded (that's an indian technique involving twisted thread to pull the hair out) and then getting my hair did on Thursday night...with some advice on the correct way to iron my hair for the optional straightlook. I'm also considering getting another color of the clip in hair extensions like the blue ones I have already. Purple anyone? But then, I keep thinking RED would be hot. :D So, the girly stuff is fun again, and a large part of this journey is about getting back to enjoying that part. Probably get a mani-pedi with my friend Kate in NYC if I can convince her on our girl's day out. Those are a nice treat any time.

I have my laptop back and in working order, so tracking is back on track...and I did the usual "Date Night" thing where I eat what I want, within reason and use up some of those weekly optional calories. So, a few drinks (mostly wine) and some fried food were on the menu last night. Today, (Sunday) has been about sleeping in (til noon!), making breakfast, being lazy and blogging. Now I think I'll get ready to head out and move this body for a while. The sky is overcast so the pool won't be happening, but it's great weather for a nice long walk. With the usual place being a bit soggy, we'll head for the paved path by my work and head towards the beach, that will be a nice LONG walk.

See ya! Have a Happy Memorial day cookout and a great week!