Monday, September 24, 2007

.8 and that's a loss I'll keep

Sciatic pain is keeping from moving at the level I want to. Weight loss slowing down, going to the doctor to discuss physical therapy. Mood is down, but spirits are high...

Not much to say, just 65.8 off the bod now. Yay. Tipping the scales at 227.4

It's THAT maybe it will be a loss this week...although the lack of movement is not helping AT ALL.

WELL, I just had a nice visit with my chirocracker..and HE says I need to move...but help my leg get over the pain it's in. I need to stretch, strengthen and adjust. I'm relieved, I thought I couldn't move, now I'm told I should, but gently...that's better than laying around hoping the pain will stop. Yay.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

2.8lbs off this week

Yay, I'm in a new decade. the 220's (228.2 to exact)...been a LONG LONG LONG time since I've see this number! It's happy dance time, get up and wiggle with me! bah bah badoomp, bah bah badoomp!

Ok, nuff dancin'

Just a normal week. What have I learned this week...If I eat lunch at noon, by the time I head home for dinner I'm starvin' marvin and it's real easy to tempt myself with junk food. I am good, so far, at resisting the temptation...but I think I'll have a snack before I leave work if I have errands to run after work...that's just a good plan.
I learned that I don't have to try to get more than 50 mins of moderate exercise a day or 30 mins of high intensity and that I can break them up into shorter spurts that add up to that number. I can DO that. I've been lazy...mostly because the smoke has been bad, but the smoke is about gone now, and so it's time to move again and breathe harder. I'm thinking I gotta get out there and make up time!!! But a quick look at my weightloss chart and I see I'm averaging a loss of over 2 lbs a week. I'm ok, I don't need to catch up to anything. I'm on track. I just need to start getting that 50 or 30 mins a day.

I'll start with 50 and work up to 30...or maybe I can do 40 and 10? lol I'll work on the 50 for now...high intensity will kill me after all these weeks of non-aerobic movement.

When I started this journey, I wasn't sure I'd make it. Now I'm starting to believe I will. I know I'll continue to use the plan I'm on for the rest of my life...I know I have to. I've got an addictive personality, and since I've removed all the other harmful addictions from my life, I'm left with Food. One must EAT to live, so I can't remove that one...I need to work with it.

Of course I could become addicted to creativity and I'm leaning that way...photoshop is calling my name and there's the possibility of earning a little extra cash in another realm. :D
I'm going to spend some time this weekend reading up on it and learning a bit of how to use a wacom tablet.

And I'm going to get out and move for at least 50 mins a day this week! I CAN DO THAT!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

1 pound 8/29 and .8 pound 9/5/07

We were getting ready to head out of town so I didn't post last week.
Went to the mountains to visit Jef's family, had such a wonderful time, but I always do when we go up there. They are just a wonderful bunch of people to spend time with.
So, I tipped the scale at 231 lbs even Wednesday night. Not bad. I've not done much for exercise, and I wanted to do something while we up in the mountains, but the heat and a sprained ankle (Jef's, not mine) kept us from doing much in the way of exertion.
I suppose I could have shoveled horse poop, but I'd rather swim or walk or do something fun. :D
(Sorry mom, sorry Kari and Kelsey...but THANK YOU for doing that!)

Work is pretty crazy, 3 new pcs, and all the problems that go with that; programs to be installed, issues to be resolved. Fun, fun, fun.

Feeling a little discouraged and bored with the diet, but I did have some cheesecake and didn't track perfectly every day, though I did get it all after the fact and learned that I dipped into my weekly calories, though not too badly. More than I ever have before, but still not all of them.
So a loss of .8 after a vacation involving a long car ride, over 800 miles round trip...probably close to 900 miles. And eating wonderful dinners...including desert. Not bad that I could indulge a little and still come home a little lighter.

I'll take any win, even .8!
Since I didn't post pics for August, I'll just wait for September 19 to roll around and take them then. It's only two weeks away...though I've only lost 1.8 pounds in the last two weeks...maybe I'll take pics tomorrow and post them for August. Otherwise the little movie at the end will have a 20 lb jump. Eh, no big deal. I'll just wait til Sept.

Have a fantastic week!