Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Year = 98.6 lbs.

That's right! As of Feb 21, I have been on the plan for 1 year. And on weigh in night this Wednesday, the 20th, I tipped the scales at 194.6 a full 3 pounds lighter than last week and just 1.4 lbs short of 100 lbs. imagine 10 sacks of potatos (the ten pound size) all lined up...damn, that's all OFF my body now. No wonder my knees are happier...if only my left leg would get happy again too. Stretching is a good thing, Liz...keep doing it!

The difference this week? I think it was all the walking on date day. I'm thinking a day of movement or two on the weekends during this cold wintry season, are the way to go for me, until the weather improves for my poor cold littler body! :D

Anyone catch the Eclipse last night? I managed to see most of it before the clouds shrouded it from view, but did share the event with my bestest girl friend via long distance telephone. It was a shared eclipse and a good time.

Been a stressful week of computer trouble at work and I've got a pretty constant headache and some minor chest pains from the stress. I'm thinking the chest pains are stress related because when I am stressed to this capacity, I often just simply forget to breathe...deeply. I do breathe, but barely. So I'm breathing deep at the moment and trying to relax. IIIIIIINNNNNNNN and OOOOOOUUUUUUUUTTTT.

It's my date night to plan...we might do something similar to what we did last weekend...but maybe I'll pick a different town. :D

Be well, see ya next week.


Neural said...

Congrats! :D
The "sacks of potatoes" thing is what really got my attention a while back with my own weight. Was at the store one day and picked up a 50lb sack of unshelled almonds and all of a sudden it hit me. That was a real eye opening moment.