Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Pictures, and old.

Today is weigh in day, that's my new weigh in dress. It's pretty lightweight.

I still need to lose about 20 lbs to get all the flab off, but I'm doing really well.

I am down another 1.6 tonight. yay! I'm moving and grooving again. Date Nights involving exercise are a good thing! We rented bicycles out by the beach, rode around for 1.5 hours (should have been 2 but Jef wanted to make a phone call)...and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara under the stars. Skipped dessert but enjoyed a lovely dinner.

So the scale says 172 lbs now. That's a total loss of 121.2 lbs. Just 22 lbs to go. I could do it in 11 weeks if I got really serious...but I am not sure I coming, and the dress fits, so I think I'll just stay on track and take it as it comes.

Wedding plans going swimmingly and the exercise is back on track. Though I still get lazy sometimes. All in all, I'm just dealing with the daily struggle of not stagnating HERE at this weight. I want to reach GOAL!!!

Have a great week!