Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Catching up and it's been interesting.

So I ended the holidaze by adding another 3.8 lbs. WHOA. It's truly amazing how the pounds pack on when you eat all the goodies you want! :D
This time around though, I was very aware of the increased tightness of my clothing and generally felt uncomfortable. And this year for the holidaze, I put on a total of 6 pounds. TOO MUCH FUDGE!!! I am certainly not keeping any in the house if I make it again next year. And of course, I didn't blog about it...I was bummed. OK? I admit it. :(

But this week I made good for all of it. I weighed in at 204.2 which means I lost 8.2 this week!!!! Holy Carp! The lady that weighed me in was about to get on my case, (and if I were to continue to lose at this rate, I wouldn't blame her!) but I wriggled out of getting into trouble for losing weight too fast. I'll be fine next week and I just really needed to catch up.

Truly, I didn't do anything different. I think it's just that "reset" effect that happens whenever you start a "diet" and last Wednesday I got serious and back on track and so I reap the benefits of that.

I did learn a thing or two...falling off the wagon makes it VERY difficult to get back ON the wagon. Not impossible, but it's a mind bender...what I found worked best for me to help me get the mind set back and to eat less was to increase my water and fluid intake. I drank so much herbal tea and crystal light flavored water last week I could have floated away! But now I know what to do if I stumble, I know what works for me.

One more pound off and I'll be at 90 pounds off since starting this new way of living back in February of 2007 and I do believe that when the 21st of February rolls around, I'll be seeing that scale show a total loss of 100 pounds. I believe I'll reach my goal of reaching my healthy weight by my birthday this year...and even if I don't, I'll be much closer to it than I was for my birthday last year. :D

Wishing everyone and anyone who reads my blog a wonderful 2008. Success, love, happiness, time with family and time for yourself...I wish all of this for each of you.
See you next week!