Sunday, July 29, 2007

My first time UP.

Yes it was bound to happen at some point. This week I was up .2 lbs! hehehe, my clothes continue to fit better every week so .2 isn't scary. I also started moving again this week, something I haven't done much of due to all of the smoke and ash floating about from the nearby Zaca fire. So I walked a few miles two days this week and did all the wrongs things calories-wise. I didn't go over my allotment at all if you look at the entire week... :/ But I did the same thing I did before when I lost only about .1 or .2...I have got to stop jacking with my caloric intake and just eat what I'm supposed to every day. I consistently lose weight when I do that.
Funny that, 5 months into this plan, I find there are still a few things I'm a bit "mental" about. :/
I still feel great about my progress and .2 is nothing really, especially after the prior week's loss of over 5 lbs.
This week I'll be more active, I do SOMETHING even if it's smokey out. I can do an easy stroll, I won't get as many points, but I'll be moving and I'll still be able to BREATHE when I'm done.
I've learned one thing about weight have to be able to BREATHE to burn fat. :D
Have a great week! See you next!