Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1.6 and a week late posting!

Hehehehe, here I am facing weigh in again tonight and I haven't posted last weeks stuff.
I don't remember much. But I can tell you that I tipped the scales at a well rounded 248 lbs and that's pretty darned awesome.
Was a good week. I find my resolve a little challenged...but I'm managing. Mostly I'm slacking off on the exercise, but will regain my drive soon. Everyone has downtime, I'm just going to allow myself the space to follow what my body tells me, within reason of course.
Again, it was that time of the month so I'm pretty happy with a loss of 1.6 lbs. I also enjoyed some extra dark chocolate and some port wine. YUM!
Generally eating more vegetables, something I'm not very good at when not watching what I eat...fruits are easier but those go by the wayside too if I don't pay attention.
Still going along as planned though, so I'm feeling good. Pictures to follow in the next post.