Wednesday, August 1, 2007

3 more off! I keep going and going and going. :D

YAY! 3 more pounds off this body. Total lost: 53.8 pounds since Feb 21, 2007 for a grand weight of 239.4!!! I'm in the 230's...haven't seen this weight since before we moved to Santa Barbara.
I feel GOOD. I'm going up and down stairs using BOTH legs now, the left knee clicks a lot less than it used to. I even HOPPED on one foot, (the left one) to get a rock out of my right shoe...something I NEVER would have done 53 pounds ago. I'd have broken my knee for the third time.
Smoke here is still terrible bad from the Zaca fire, it's blowing more towards downtown Santa Barbara and less right over us, but the cars are covered in ash and it's very difficult to breathe during exercise. I'm not complaining, it could be worse...I could be one of those families that have been forced to evacuate, lost their home to fire or displaced and not knowing yet. Not to mention all the animal homes that are being destroyed. It's sad, and it's dry and there's no end in sight yet.
I did swim this week once or twice, went for a couple walks on the Elwood Mesa and pushed myself to work it while still being able to breathe. Breathing is important! :D
Took myself for a haircut last Saturday and we spent the day downtown walking all over the place. It was a great date day.
Well, my caloric intake allowance has dropped once again, so with a few more 10 pound drops I won't be having trouble eating all the calories. By the time I reach near goal, I might be at a space where the calories are what I've become comfortable with anyway.
I've also reached a point where I have less than 100 pounds left to lose. (Applause goes here.)
I'm going to sign off and work on a project for a friend in India.
Be well and have a great week. Viva La Fiesta!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures look great! I haven't seen this blog in awhile, and I'm excited at how well you are doing! Keep up the GREAT work!. Elizabeth

RSA said...

Glad to SEE your progress with great new pictures. I love the details about how much better you feel.... Love to you and all. Sorry about all the smoke! R

dark said...

Good going can do it...*wipes tear from eye* ..aww I am so proud =)....