Wednesday, July 4, 2007

1.2 for total of 40 off this body

As of today, I am behind almost a week in posting. :( Last week's weigh in was good, week was good. Nothing special to birthday was Sunday the first and there is no weigh in on Wednesday due to the Independence Day Holiday.
I'm thinking maintaining is a good goal since I celebrated the birthday but really didn't burn up to many of my optional weekly calories and today (the 4th of July) involves a barbecue that will fit nicely into my plan as well. So maybe I've actually lost weight this week.
I'm debating weighing in tomorrow or waiting til Saturday and going in the morning. :D :D Yeah yeah, an empty stomach weigh in will look good...but then I've got to stick to Saturday cuz the following Wednesday night could look like a gain. maybe I'll just wait and weigh in next Wednesday...what to do...
Did NOT keep my commitment to walk at ALL because my left leg gave me some grief and sciatic pain so I went to see my chirocracker yesterday and he worked his magic, pulled my leg and the pain is just about gone. I suppose I need to go more often, just trying to work out the details with my insurance. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.
I spent my morning chopping and skewering vegetables that I'll marinate in Chaka's MMM sauce and then throw them on the q. OMG I can't wait! I think I may just do that every single day this summer. LOVE IT.
My reward and birthday gift to myself was a starter kit of Bare Escentuals (used to be called Bare Minerals but they changed their name to be more sexy I guess), and it's exactly what I've been looking for all these years and exactly what they say it is in the commercials. If you've been intrigued and want to try it...I say go for it. A starter kit is only 60 bucks at Sephora and you get everything you need. Right now you can get the kit with free shipping at their website, just key in "GETSTARTED" in the coupon area at check out. I also bought some primer to put on my face first so that the color goes on smooth. I did NOT get the Bare Escentuals brand. I had the saleswoman paint half of my face with their stuff and the other side with some stuff called "spackle" yes "spackle" and it was the better primer so I bought that too. Check me out, I'm an infomercial. :D
Then I dragged Jef with me to the M.A.C. store where I picked out a lipstick in a cool tone. Jef was really sweet and bought it for me. Now I have my warm tone, my cool tone and everything I need to look pretty again. And isn't that fitting? I do feel pretty again. :D :D
I know I have a long way to go, but it's nice to feel good about me again. Really is.
Got a call from my middle sister on Sunday to say how proud she is of my progress and that she is inspired too. I know you can do it Sis, go for it!
My son took me out to dinner for the very first time in his life on the second of July. We had a great dinner, a nice walk afterwards and good conversation.
I guess I'll end this post and wish everyone a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Stay safe!