Friday, July 6, 2007

3.6 with My Blue Jeans On!!!

Wow, I never wear my blue jeans to a weigh in, because those suckers can weigh 2lbs or more!!! I try to always wear these light weight sport pants to weigh ins so that I am consistent on the scale, who cares if the other folks think I never change my clothes??
Consistency MATTERS people!!!

Well, I couldn't weigh in on Wednesday night because it was a holiday so I went on Thursday and didn't bother to change my clothes. I was amazed when the scale said I'd lost 3.6 lbs. That puts me at 249.6 lbs a loss of 43.6 lbs now!!! That's 2.18 lbs a week! Not bad at all. :D :D

Going to go to storage this weekend and rummage through the clothes there, see what I can bring home to my closet. Going to ship the rest to my niece in Oregon, I think she'll find a few things she'd like, maybe I'll call her first and find out what will work best...and the rest can go to freecycle or some charity here in town. :D :D

I've lost 4 dress sizes and it feels GOOOOOOD! Date night is tomorrow and it's going to be an all day date, so I thought I'd blog today since I won't be around on Saturday.

I'm so happy! **Dances off**


Neural said...

Great to see results isn't it? Keep at it. :D