Monday, December 31, 2007

Holidaze and up 2.2

It's been a busy, fun 2 weeks and the scales show it! :D :D
I'm up 2.2 and will probably be up again this week. I'm ok with that. I've been fairly lazy and also enjoying much too much of the wonderful homemade treats that were offered up during our travels.
The holidays that really put the focus around food, at least for me, are over and now it's back on plan. Nope, I didn't track much of anything, but did try to stay mindful of choices, even when they weren't the right ones. :D
I didn't see a single box of See's candies, but there were plenty of other delectable delights to be devoured! Including my first ever homemade fudge. It was delicious and perfect if I do say so myself.
All the cookies I baked went stale and bad before gift giving time, so I was really glad to have made the fudge when I did so I had something nice to give as a gift.
I'm sick today, and so begins the New Year. We HAD planned to go downtown and see how it happens there, but I think the better focus now is for me to get well. I need to get back to work, there is MUCH to be done there.
Happy New Year Everyone! I have 7 months to lose 60 lbs. Wish me luck!