Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Not feeling very grateful today at all, so I thought I should write a few things that I AM grateful for today.
1) Jef. I am so grateful to get to share life with him.
2) being 78 pounds lighter this year so far!
3) new clothes. (not too many, but a few really pretty pieces that I love)
4) seeing my son Sam almost daily, even if he is grumpy most days.
5) I'm extremely grateful for the trip to the hospice light up a life celebration I went to last Saturday night. I purchased a star in honor of both of my parents and hung them on the tree near each other. At first I wasn't going to, but my mother really did always love my father, so I thought it fitting that she should hang above him and he should be nearby.
We stayed for the whole event and it was really a good thing to do. I feel so much less sad about the whole holiday season. I got a reality check there too...seeing very young children and hearing them share that they were there to remember their mommy or their daddy...well, my pity party was over pretty quick as my heart went out to them. At least I had my parents as I was growing up.

So the hospice light up a life event will be a regular for me, as long as we live here. It's a time I can honor the memory of my parents, share the time of honoring the memory of loved ones passed and begin the season in a positive way. It really made all the difference I think.

I weigh in tomorrow, so I'll write about it then. Wish me luck!