Monday, December 17, 2007

3.2 pounds and baking cookies

So, this week the scales showed me at 206.4!! I'm just rockin and rollin and enjoying the trip.

I've got all of my clothes that were in storage in the house and slowly but surely, I'm getting my butt back into all of them. I'm so glad I lean toward more classic styles...and for the things I got back then that were a bit "trendy", I'm glad that we are in a fashion time when just about anything goes! Some of the clothes I had hanging in storage were clothes I was almost into last time I got serious about losing the weight...but I never quite got there. This time I will and I think I'll go beyond it too.

OH! I picked up a 10 lb bag of sugar to bring to my co-worker today - I don't need it and I didn't use it when I baked all those cookies. I was amazed at how heavy that was...and I've dropped almost 9 of those off my WONDER I was feeling so bad. Holy moly.

I'm so much more aware of my body this time around. Thanks to the plan I'm on, I continue to learn more about caring for myself and putting my health before everything else. :D

I am enjoying preparing for the holidays. I made a bunch of cookies last weekend, then made some fudge this weekend and that turned out GREAT. I still need to bake the gingerbread cookies...that has to happen this week. Just need the space and time to do it. HEEHEE! Easier said than done in my little house. I'll figure it out.

Not sure the rest of the month will show much weight loss. I'm not doing much in the way of exercise beyond parking WAY out in the parking lot so I have to walk farther and doing the stretches the physical therapy guy gave me to do. Which reminds me that I have an appointment there today and I'm wearing a dress! oops! Will have to remedy that.

I'm late posting this, as usual...I weigh in again in 2 days...the scale says nice things at home, but their scale is the one that matters as far as the numbers are concerned.

OH! Jef joined me on this trek. It was my gift to him for Newtonmas and I'm looking forward to his second weigh in on Wednesday night. He's moving scary fast but I think this first week is normal to drop a bunch as your body goes a little wiggy trying to figure out what the hell you are doing to it. I'm just glad he'll be on the health track with me. We'll be healthy and fit before we are fifty and that's good enough for me!

Have a great week and remember to pass some cheer!