Thursday, December 6, 2007

5 pounds!!!

*Applause* an even 5 pounds. I'm in a "new decade" as they like to say on the forums I haunt. 209.6 but for some strange reason, when I check, I didn't lose any calories I'm allowed to eat. When, up til, now it's been it's been lose 50 for every ten pounds off...odd. Well I won't complain about not losing a food allowance. :D But I will check again next week if I'm back on the loss wagon.

Got a 5 pound star as I'd been tetering a little over 1 pound away from 80 lbs...and now I'm only 1.4 lbs away from another 5 lb star. :D

I think it's easy to get in a rut with diet, and by diet I mean the foods we eat in general. Our body wants to set us at a weight and keep us there, SHAKE IT UP once in a while. I had a day last week where I ate almost double the calories I'm allowed. I didn't stuff myself, just ate some HIGH calorie foods. (they were worth it.) I tracked everything and here I am 5 lbs lighter.
I think there is something to shaking up the metabolism, but I am no scientist and my man says I find correlation too easily. I say :p he he he.

very soon I'll be under 200 lbs...woohoo! Notice the new 10% tracker. When I reach the end of that one, I'll be at 188.6 or less, which will put me at my FAT weight from highschool. Life is funny isn't it? Reaching a weight that once had me feeling like a huge COW will now feel so GOOD!!

What I'm grateful for:
My Job: No job is perfect, but I'm given the opportunity to grow, learn and even make some BIG mistakes and learn from them too. My bosses aren't perfect, but they are human and I appreciate the opportunities they give me.
Jef's Family: as the Christmas holiday approaches, I look forward to heading upstate to see them. Sunny faces, I look forward to seeing each one.
My Doggie: Ally is the best girl dog anyone on the planet has EVER had.
My family: The ties are loose now, but I value each sibling for what I've learned from them, and what is yet to be learned. I value the strengths each one has and for their weaknesses. Mostly, we're good people just trying to make the most of our lives.
I'm grateful for all the money I'm saving by being on this eating plan. (that is the way I'll eat for the rest of my life.) I no longer worry if I'll make it to the next paycheck...I've got plenty of money left over by the time the next check comes. Which is a HUGE wakeup call from old habits. Lunches cost about 12 to 15 dollars work week, and it used to be more like 80 to 100. That's HUGE. 95 a week multiplied by 33 weeks....that adds up. :D

That's all for me...have a wonderful week!