Friday, June 1, 2007

4 lbs! A total now of 34.6 lbs!

Yep, told ya last weigh in that I would catch up. Seems to be my "cycle". So I'm at 258.6 now. YAY!
I walked a LOT this week, worked hard at work, and moved bunches. I've dropped a couple clothing sizes too.

Went shopping after weigh in but didn't find anything to knock my socks off. I'll look again this weekend. I seem to be in-between a 22-24 and is too loose and the other is too tight. Maybe I need a 21??

My son won a $500 scholarship to help with College in the fall, so we enjoyed an evening of the presentation event then out to dinner and talk. Dinner was planned ahead so that I could take him to any restaurant of his choice. Together we chose Tacone! A restaurant that makes Panini's that are FABULOUS. Again, easily fit into my plan. About my kid: He's a good kid, I'm proud of him.

This week I found myself wondering when I might hit a challenge that threw me for a loop, then I remind myself that I don't WANT to have a challenge that throws me so I shouldn't focus my attention on that for very long. I just see so many people having trouble when I go to weigh in, hear about how hard it is, and I guess I expect it will be for me at some point...and far, this has been the absolute EASIEST weight loss system I have EVER tried. If only I'd done this sooner...but I wasn't ready. Of course, if I had chosen the other of the two systems offered, I would be having a hard time. Let's hear it for freedom of choice and learning to plan!

I guess as my point allowance lowers, I may hit some rough spots, but so far, so good. :D I'm just enjoying the success. I'm averaging almost 2.5 pounds per week and that is fantabulous.

My man and I are reconnecting and he's done what he needed to do and it's all almost behind us. I'm thrilled...and a little ticked off that this thing that was such a dreaded thing turned out to be done in just a few easy weeks. Oh well, happens to all of us and I'll get over it. I'm just glad to have that part of his life on it's way to being behind us. I'm going to enjoy some champagne on the day it's really done. For me, it's something to celebrate, for him it's a bit more serious and reflective I guess. So we'll allow each other to honor the day in the way that fits us each the best.

Life is good. Really good.


deerheart7 said...

omg omg omg I am so darn proud of you, I could do a somersault, well not literally without breaking something but in my heart for sure... and the news about Sam woot woot another proud moment .. As for you and "your man" it takes whatever it takes but we get where we need to go!
I love you my friend