Saturday, April 21, 2007

4.4 more, that's 20.6 in 8 weeks!

This was an amazing week for me. I really thought I was going to hit that scale with no weightloss whatsoever. I did a lot of physical stuff at work and, though I didn't keep my commitment to walk at least a mile 3 times last week, I did walk 2 days and then there was lots of standing, walking and moving at work.

Stepping on that scale and learning I'd lost 4.4 pounds was amazing. I still can't believe it.
So, I had pictures taken that morning and decided to wear the same outfit I'd worn in the first pictures, for comparison. There isn't MUCH difference in the picture, but I sure can feel it in my clothes. I'm wearing jeans I've not worn for a year.

I worked my tushy off on Thursday at the point I was physically exhausted when I got home that evening. Took my son out to dinner Friday night and caught up with him, I ate some dungeness crab and he had a bowl of beer boiled shrimp. The shrimp were the whole shrimp and the look on his face was PRICELESS. He ate them and enjoyed every bite. My crab was scrumptious. :)

I had Friday off and enjoyed being a lazy person. Thursday really kicked my butt. Took my doggie for a walk today. I was having some pain in my knee so I decided not to push it too hard. The walk was only 30 mins and a little less than a mile but I came back feeling that I'd moved, that's for sure! Also, once I was just about home, my knee stopped hurting so I'll probably go for another stroll this evening.

Tomorrow is the 7 year anniversary of the day Jef and I met for the first time face to face in a Starbucks in Newark, CA. We talked and talked and decided to take a walk in a nearby park and talk some more. We hiked and talked, got rained on and found that we really enjoyed each other's company. A friendship began that day that's carried us through some rough spots these past few years. There's a big hurdle still happening, and times have been rough, but he has the power to fix we'll see what happens next.

I weighed a bit less back then...put on about 110 pounds since that day. Kind of sad, to think I was 30 pounds away from my goal and I let it slip away. But I learned that I have to LIVE a new way of fueling my body with the occasional splurge. I've learned to find the feeling behind the desire to eat when I'm not hungry and honor it, and then the feeding frenzy passes with no damage to my body or mind.

For instance: I came home Thursday and I just wanted to eat whatever I could, everything I could think of! Anything I could think of! Then I took the time to think about it and I realized that what was really going on was this huge sense of relief. That the hard part of the work year, the really difficult part, is over. The rest of the year is about regrouping and preparing for the next year. I was relieved and I think behind it was a bit of a feeling that I deserved a reward of some sort. But it really helped just to acknowledge and completely allow myself to feel the relief I was feeling. To FLOP myself on the bed and let out an "AAAHHHHH! YESSSSS" did wonders for my peace of mind.

I'm also learning not to stuff my feelings, but to share them, as openly and honestly as I can, while considering the other person's feelings as they hear my words. (mostly...I'm not perfect.)

It's been a tiring week, but a good week and I'm feeling good about my progress and still oh so motivated it's rather sickening. I really have "flipped a switch" and nothing is going to get in the way of my goal this time. NOTHING. I'm sure there are some bumps in the path ahead, that's life, but life doesn't have to derail my choice to live a healthier lifestyle.

I do notice that, with the increase in movement, I get hungrier, so I might want to look at my points allowance in the future and re-figure them based on a more active lifestyle. I think this has worked so well because I am NOT hungry when the days daily calories are consumed, I'm enjoying every bite and I can eat pretty much whatever I like as long as I account for it.

I'm really enjoying the Hungry Girl website and get the daily newsletter with tips and tricks and reviews of new foods out there for those of us making heathier choices, so if you haven't already, go there and sign up, I promise you'll be glad you did.

I think I've gone on way too long once again, so I'll end this post by saying I feel great. Thanks for reading!