Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1.4 pounds. Total loss now 16.2

I'm pretty happy to have an avg weight loss of 2lbs a week. :)

This week, I will avoid eggs-cuses and get out and WALK. At least 3 times this week I will walk for at least one mile.

The good news is, when we return from our mini vacation, we'll be placed in a site that is right NEXT to the swimming pool. What a perfect time of year...June to Sept at poolside. SWEET! I'll be getting some movement in the pool, gotta find my noodle. :)

Also learned about a yoga class for 50% off...something like 58 bucks for 8 sessions I think. I am curious and that's a good price to check it out. Not sure it's for me, but 58 (there is also a 45 dollar intro class special...6 classes I think) dollars makes it something to consider. I have to take advantage before the end of April if I am going to do it...dunno yet. It's not convenient to home...and walking and swimming we'll see.

I also want to get a bicycle. A GOOD one. With a really cool, comfy seat like I saw at because the main deterent to riding a bike is that my butt starts hurting pretty bad, even though I want to continue riding. So that's one of my rewards to myself in the near future I think.

I talked to one of the ladies tonight at weigh in and she said I have to eat ALL my calories or I'll slow my weight loss down...I guess it's metabolism or, as much as I struggle to do so, I'll work harder at it...

Saw my son tonight, he's doing ok, and I got lots of hugs and "I miss you's". That was bittersweet, but I'm glad he misses me, cuz I miss him too. I did tell him to call his grandma Sharon, so I hope he will. (crossing my fingers.)

Busy busy at work, too busy sometimes to remember to eat or drink, but I'm managing.
Still very dedicated, maybe a bit I need to MOVE and eat all my food this week and every week to come...

So, my promise to myself and to my blog readers is that next post I will happily say I walked at LEAST 3 times this week, for a mile or more. See you next week!