Tuesday, April 3, 2007

14 down, 15 to go!

Good week, nothing really to report. My son is still choosing not to live at home and I'm adjusting to that. Injured my back at work, just STANDING there...how crappy is that??? But still hobbled in to be weighed and found I'd lost another 2 lbs. :)

15 more to get to the first goal of 10% less than my starting weight.

I'm not struggling at all, in fact I've lost a few allowed calories and that's kinda cool. (I've been tempted to eat a few calories less than I'm told I can to help speed this process up! - but know that's not a good idea...still...I AM tempted.)

The ultimate goal is to celebrate my 47th birthday at my ideal weight of 145 lbs and at this rate, I do believe I'll get there!

I'm pretty diligent about tracking EVERYTHING I put in my face and planning ahead, at least day by day. I usually start by deciding - with Jef - what's for dinner, then I plan the rest of my meals to allow for whatever we are having. This way, Jef eats pretty much what he wants to eat, and I stick to my plan. :) It's been working from the start and I've enjoyed things like whole wheat pasta with alfredo sauce and proscuitto...sometimes with the added deliciousness of shrimp too! And Chili dogs! I figure, I want my calories to COUNT! I want to enjoy delicious stuff, not just anything...funny how that priority changes when you are paying attention to what you eat. I like it. Everything I eat must be delicious, or I consider it a complete waste of time and calories. I think that's a good thing.

Didn't blog til late because we took a trip to Calabasas, CA for the Methodfest Film Festival where I met an internet friend face to face. What a fantastic time we had! I just adore this person and am so grateful to have the internet that connected us. Jef enjoyed meeting him too and we had a great time. I did break my toe though, and that sucked.

Had a wonderful salad down there that was a variation on one of my favorite salads to make at home...so I now have a new way to enjoy one of my favorites that adds bulk without adding calories. YAY for new ideas.

I also discovered Kernel Season's Popcorn seasoning. 2 tbsp is only 50 calories and that is more than enough to sprinkle on my low fat popcorn. A few spritzes of "I can't believe it's not butter" and I am in white cheddar popcorn HEAVEN. It's a great salty/crunchy snack and only about 180 calories...for a whole bag!!! Yes, I DO eat the whole bag. :) I'm just glad it's in the stores now and not just at my favorite movie theater.

14 pounds. I'm pretty happy about that. Was entertaining thoughts of wearing clothes I wore when I met Jef 7 years ago...of course that is about a year away, but I am looking forward to that.

Since I hadn't rewarded myself in the last few weeks of success, I combined them all up to a nice hotel and a rented car for trouble free travel to Calabasas and just enjoyed the heck out of watching films and seeing my friend and the nice drive with Jef. It was worth waiting for. :)

More this Saturday!


R said...

Hi there!
Glad to hear you are managing everything (so many challenges) and staying on track... Lots of love to you, R