Wednesday, April 11, 2007

.8 and that's not great...but going in the right direction

Guess that weekend trip went over points just a bit.

I have GOT to start walking again, enough of this fear of tachycardia...just get MOVING.

Added a few interesting things to the blog: The "ticker" to the left there shows my total weight loss, and there are links at the bottom of the page to some of my favorite sites to use during this progression to the me I used to be.

Jef was going thru his plastic cards last night and found a picture of me from when we met 7 years ago, yes 7 years ago. My hair looked terrible, but my face is sooooo different. And it's obvious that my son looks like me in that picture. I'll have to scan it and include it in the next entry.

Weigh in again tonight! I think I lost a few more pounds...we'll see.....