Sunday, March 25, 2007

2.2 pounds! Twelve in Four

So here we are at the end of week 4 and heading into the 5th week of a new way to eat. Last weeks stress is slowing down but not gone, and I found Thursday to be a day of wanting to eat, eat and eat. But instead, I consumed a little more water than I normally do and ate a few more veggies. I am telling you - I am determined to be healthy!

Found my favorite popcorn seasoning at Albertson's the other night and I am in HEAVEN I tell you! I would go to the movies and eat a large bag of popcorn slathered in this stuff! (Not a horrible snack, but I did use that awful movie butter to help it stick!) Now I pop good old Orville's 94% fat free popcorn and dump some of this white cheddar seasoning from Kernel Seasoning's and enjoy a wonderfully delicious low cal, high fiber, low fat snack. mmmmmmm it's wonderful. I'll continue to enjoy it at the movies too, just a smaller bag and no added butter gunk. The seasoning sticks ok as long as the popcorn is hot. I might try "I can't believe it's not butter" spray and see if that helps a little bit. I'm just glad to learn that one of my favorite snacks is not something I cannot have. :)

Have been lax about exercise and so I promise to take the dog for a walk today. I am also dropping my intake of food a little with this 12 lb loss. I figure it's another way to lose weight and stay on track. I don't want to get too discouraged by that darn scale!

As promised: PICTURES! Someone mentioned...well a few folks mentioned...that I looked unhappy in the first set of pictures. OF COURSE I DID! I am HUMONGOUS! However, these pictures feature a happier me, because I am 12 pounds lighter. :)

I will leave this blog at that. And take my doggie for a walk. Have a great week, and check back next Saturday evening or Sunday.


Jamie said...

you go girl!

Elizabeth said...

the first thing I noticed is how nice it is to see you smiling in your photos now!