Thursday, August 16, 2007

1.4 this week

Surprised the heck outta me! So, after 26 weeks, I've lost 56.8 lbs. Just 3.2 lbs shy of my goal of 60 lbs. Not bad, not bad. Only 91.4 lbs to go. Can I do it in the 46 weeks? (that's how many left to get to the Wednesday after my 47th birthday).
That's the goal, but I see folks in the meetings so very close to their goal and they are kind of I'm still reaching for the July 1, 2008 goal to goal weight. I'll be gentle with myself if I don't get there, as long as I'm close. :D
236.4 is what I'm tipping the scales at now.
Have I mentioned that new clothes are fabulous???

The smoke is back with a vengeance and so I'm stuck indoors. Would be fine if there was room to exercise in the trailer...But since it's not so air tight, I'm probably healthier taking it easy til the smoke clears. This weekend I plan the date night, we're starting with drink on a rooftop bar downtown. Won't be so lovely if the smoke is still floating around. You can look at the red sun with the naked's bad. I'm breathing ok, but being out there for even a little while makes me wheezy. Hoping for clear skies and no fire burning soon. I heard on the news yesterday that the area hadn't burned in over 100 years so there is a lot of fuel out there. :(

See ya next week!