Saturday, March 3, 2007

Week one complete and a weigh in

First I want to thank everyone who reads this for the positive posts, emails and phone calls I've gotten. I really wasn't expecting the level of support I have received and I am amazed and humbled. Thank you everyone.

I've decided against a picture EVERY week, that's just ridiculous. I'll do a new picture every month on the 21st and we'll watch me shrink. At the end, I'm going to get some help making a flash presentation of the incredible shrinking woman that I mean to be! On to the foody stuff...

The first diet week was Easy. Mind set in place all well. No glitches. I did use some spare calories (it's allowed) but generally had a great week. Weighed in on Wednesday night with a loss of 3.8 pounds. I'm pretty happy about that since I haven't even started exercising yet. And I AM drinking plenty of water, so don't give me that crap that it's all water weight. I'm keeping this win and you can't take it from me. :p

So here I am, now weighing a lofty 289.4, which doesn't feel like much of a change and it isn't, but it's in the right direction. :)

Thursday was a bit of a family drama day, so I found my old habit rearing it's ugly head...FOOD! NOW!!! ROWRRRR!!! "How did you deal with it?" you ask...I was well prepared. I had my low calorie chocolate cake and a cookie with me. And we have some 100 calorie Hershey snack packs at work. I had chocolate and didn't blow my I recognized it and didn't have the sweet stuff til well after the "craving" passed and I'd gotten on with my day and some lunch. :)

I am lucky, I work for some nice folks who understand that sometimes, your personal life requires you to be there to handle it. In the midst of our busiest work season and I missed half a day. No one batted an eye, and although I was stressed about it before I got there, I was very much ok when I got to work. That helps with work stress a LOT.

Had a fun day on Wednesday too. We had a vendor bring us lunch from Chili's so I took a few mins to find out the cost of their food to my diet...(a diet that 2 others in the office are on..and I think a fourth person is joining us as well, just unofficially. I shared that information with the other two and we all ended up having the lettuce wraps. Avoid the peanut dipping sauce and you are A-OK.

I Know this is all about mind set and I can tell I'm in the zone. No big falling off the wagon...truth is, I'm not ever starving...don't think I ever have been. lol. I'm just, once again, paying attention to the food I put in my face.

This week, more walking and gearing up the exercise. Wish me luck!


Jamie said...

Right on! The weight didn't come on overnight so it won't come off overnight either. We are so used to instant results with everything it takes the right mind set to accept the slow process. It sounds like you are in the right place. Keep on truckin'!!!

intodesign said...

Great job!!! I know the struggle and every little baby step you take is an accomplishment. The key is to keep on the downward spiral (weight loss only of course). :-) I'm getting some of my inspiration from you - Keep it up my friend!