Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools and Showers

April Fool's day was weigh in day and I am down 5 lbs. That's 9 pounds since getting back on the bus three weeks ago and doing the right things to get myself into health.

Yay! Feels good to be back in control, while around me, life tosses challenge after challenge. I can deal with what life tosses me, sometimes eat too much because of it, but generally, if I do HEALTHY things to deal with stress, I come out ahead. What a concept!

I'm still up from my lowest weight, but that's ok, I'm focused on reaching my goal of 155 lbs by my birthday this year. That's July 1, 2009 and that gives me 3 full months to lose the weight. 34 lbs to go and at 10 lbs a month I think I can get there, especially if I increase my activity going into Spring and Summer.

I'll be heading up to San Francisco on the 15th of April to visit with my son who's in art school up there, and there will be LOTS of walking. I've made arrangements for a refrigerator and a microwave in my room so I can have store bought food and avoid too many restaurant visits while I'm there. I've found some great walking tours to take and I think a walk across the Golden Gate will be in order. I've not done that in a VERY long time, don't think I've been in good enough shape to do that for a VERY long time, so it will be fun and maybe I'll toss a flower in the water in remembrance of my mother, who's ashes were scattered in the ocean just outside the Golden Gate. (I wonder if that's legal?...guess I'll find out when I am there.) Basically, what I am saying is I have a plan in place to keep me sensible while I am there, and of course a little room for enjoying some of the things that are San Francisco: Sour Dough Bread! Ghirardelli Chocolate! Crab! Is there any other food San Francisco is known for? Eh, not important, those are the ones I care about. :)

And then, there shall be bike riding, and LOTS of it! That is because I am retiring my 1983 Toyota Cressida, bless her chassis, and will be car-less for a while. So it's bus and walks or riding the bike for a bit. On rainy days, I'll drive the jeep or ride the bus. The state will give me $1000.00 for retiring the beast and that's what I paid for her, so I'm grateful to have put in some money to have her driveable for 3 1/2 years and turn her in for what I paid. Not a bad deal at all. My next car will be a new or at least a newer Toyota I think. They've certainly proved their worth to me! 1983??? She was quite a looker in her day, sun roof, electric windows and doors, full on climate control, large trunk, 6 cylinder kick ass engine with 5 speed manual transmission. Alas, her engine is failing and her smog controls work no more. The state will pay me to take her off the road, and I've sent in my application it's just a matter of time. I have to admit, I'll miss driving that little car, she had some get up and go and it was fun to surprise people with that. :D

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hey sis I was bragging about you today again. I was telling another WW that you struggle, but it's those struggles that you find insight...and today I read your blog and low and behold more insight found. Man, I didn't know you were pass..agress... like Mom :))) Not good, because in the end your needs will not be met by anything else but food. Kick butt, your a strong woman. On the Jeff thing...if he is big or small he loves you as you don't worry about him and his weight issue, that will only take the energy from you that you can use elsewhere more productive :) I know you know all this stuff :)

Winderdoodle said...

Hi there. Thanks for the comment on my blog and I'm so happy to be inspiring you! Just as you are inspiring to me! Wow. Your before and after pics are awesome. Isn't it remarkable that the change isn't just in the weight but in how we present ourselves? The way we stand, the clothes we wear, etc. I love that. It's confidence! I'm sure that over the next couple months you'll successfully lose those 34 lbs. And, I'll be checking in now and then to see how things are going. :) It's always nice to follow others going through the same thing, right? Best of luck! - Wendy

Winderdoodle said...

Hi, just checkin' in! How's the weight loss coming along? Hope all is well!