Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Figuring it day at a time.

I'm back on the plan, and even rode my bike a couple times this past week.

Tracking everything I eat and making sure I get the 8 healthy guidelines in each day...well at least 6 of them usually. :)

And so far...I'm down 10 pounds according to my home scale...of course I was up a bit and not going to meetings to weigh-in. :(

So, that's the next step to getting back on plan: show up for meetings. And starting next week, I will be there. :D Seriously...I should go tonight, but I need to show up with a loss after being gone for so long...for my own emotional health...yeah yeah, wimpy, I know. But I know how I am and to keep this ball rolling, I need to show a loss. Silly me. Plus, I made plans for this evening forgetting that I had weigh-in tonight. Turns out I couldn't go anyway. I hurt my back while sitting in my chair at work and ended up going home early and laying down for the night.

Anyhaoooo, I've figured out a few more things this past week. One of them so obvious to me, it's kind of funny that I have to "discover" it again. In telling myself "I am FAT" everyday a few times a day, I behaved like the fat person I used to be. Stuffing my face with whatever and not really even enjoying it, some of it was downright NOT WORTH the calories either, tasteless C R A P if you really must know. I've rewritten that tape loop once again to something more in the direction I am heading, "All I eat turns to health and beauty"...kind of hard to choose that 16 point Reese's Peanut butter bar when I KNOW that's not going to turn to health OR beauty! :D

I'm still hurting a bit from the back pain, and comfort foods are calling my name, so I'm having to work with that a bit, still a bit of a struggle from time to time, but I'm definitely back on track and the best thing is, I'm still learning new stuff!!

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to go back at a loss...your human cut yourself some slack...and you also are not FAT...stop beating yourself up. You are a smart beautiful woman. Who happens to be on a terrific jeorney.

Anonymous said...

Stop beating yourself up. You do not have to wait until you have a loss. You have been up before and did it by going to the meetings. So now you are doing bad mind talk...I am fat...I can't go back heavier. Stop that merry go round and remember, our mama didn't have no fat girls...just fluffy. Love you sis.