Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oct 3, 2007 Down 5.2 pounds!

So there! And pictures too! Finally.

Good week, ate a whole Domino's pizza in frustration of gain last week. It was AWFUL. To think I liked that pizza...well, it wasn't well made either, but ewwww it was not so good. I just ate it in protest. lol

So I tipped the scale at 223.4 last night. That's .2 short of a 70lb loss, but I think I'm there, I was wearing something other than my 6.6 oz dress to weigh in. Thought about running home to get it, but decided no big deal. Then found it WAS a big deal cuz I could have gotten my next 5# star!!! heh, yes, I like those little rewards.

Anyway, I did start moving more again, and I'm still having sciatic pain, but short easy walks 3 times a day, stretching and ibuprofen are helping it improve. Got a tip from the handyman at work yesterday...might want to look into ROLFING to help.

Here are the latest pictures....