Friday, October 12, 2007

2.2 pounds and moving right along.

Tipped the scales at 221.2 pounds...the lightest I've been in 6 years....maybe 7. I feel GREAT and I'm soooo motivated to continue.
My sister called me to congratulate me on my success, KUDOS to you too sis! She's been doing the same plan I'm on for a few weeks now and is down over 20 pounds!!! (unruly applause with wild arm waving goes here.)

We talked about what we were eating, doing, not doing and shared some ideas. It was great and it got me to thinking that maybe I should share some of those things here. Maybe it's time to name the plan I'm on, why I think it's working and what exactly I am doing to make it work for me. What's I've tried that doesn't work and what I've tried that does. Let me know what you think if you read this...I'd love to hear your ideas.

During our conversation, my sister brought up something that I've been aware of, but still feel helpless to control. It seems that I'm still playing the "mental" game with the scale...if I don't have a loss of what I've predetermined as "substantial" for a week, I get a little down about it. And when I lose what I expect or more, I get all happy and stuff...ok, that's pretty normal.

I don't really get down but for a day or so. All I have to do is log in to my diet account and view my progress chart to see that I am on track and the line is dropping continuously from left to right. I also keep in mind that I only need to lose about 10 pounds a month to remain on track for my ultimate goal.

But that day or so is pretty brutal. Last week, in our meeting, we discussed positive outcomes...the week before was Positive Self Talk. And I never can come up with something new to put on them, because I feel pretty clear about what I have in mind and where I want to end up. This sisterly conversation reminded me that I do have something to work on still...My weight will fluctuate for the rest of my life, (hopefully only a couple of pounds or so at a time once I reach my goal), and I need to find positive outcomes and self talk to replace the way I beat myself up for those 2 days. I'm doing GREAT! I really do know that...

So I need to work on that...and think about some things I can tell myself INSTEAD of the negative things I say when the scale isn't showing what I want to see. I'm open to your comments and ideas, and I'll work on a few of my own.

That said, I was also reminded about how fragile this life is and how my problems are small in comparison to what's happening to others in this world.

A young man was murdered in my niece's apartment weekend before last. He was my niece's boyfriend's best friend. Christan was, thankfully, away from home...but another family is burying their 20 year old son due to a senseless act of violence. The boyfriend was beaten very badly but he'll be physically ok in time and hopefully emotionally and mentally ok not long after. I'm grateful that those close to my family survived this terrible ordeal, and saddened by the way humanity continues to treat each other.

Life goes on, and I intend to do what I can to put more love, caring and kindness in the world. I'm going to build me an ARK! (Acts of Random Kindness in case you haven't seen Evan Almighty...a stupid movie with a nice point.)
Have a great week, I'll do the same!