Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2.2 this week and it's BLOG ACTION DAY!

I've reached the next "decade" as we like to call it at the meetings. :D
I tipped the scale at 219 today. 219 from 293. I feel pretty dingity dangity good. :)

This means I lose another 50 calories of edible food but that's OK. I'm enjoying some dark chocolate and port wine as I write this.

I am sooo on track for reaching my goal weight by my 47th birthday I'm STOKED.

Gotta get some physical therapy going. My left leg is in pretty bad shape, and I think it's all because I never got phys ther after the last knee surgery. Bad idea. So I'll do what I need to do, because it's not just about weight loss. This trek is really about HEALTH and life extension.

I want to LIVE a LONG and HEALTHY life and I am on my way, I'm sure of it now. :D

Thanks to all my friends and family for their support, their phone calls and their love. I couldn't get through some of the days without knowing you were there.

Now I'd like to do my part to blog about being environmentally conscious. :D

I was thinking earlier's the 18th anniversary of the big quake that collapsed the freeway and the bay bridge in 1989...remembering the day, how the bay area became gridlocked with everyone trying to drive home to get to their families. It became very apparent to me then that there needs to be a PLAN in place to unite everyone as soon as possible, but we've got to get some reliable and fast public transportation really working in this state. It took us over an hour to do what was normally about a 7 min drive. Crazy.

Here in Santa Barbara, the city is BIG on being environmentally friendly. TON's of bike paths, many electric buses running around town and the bus system can get you within about 15 mins of almost any destination, and many of the buses also have a rack on the front that can take 2 bikes.

Still, there are a lot of folks commuting up here from Ventura, again GRIDLOCK most days and there is no reason NOT to have a commuter train. They're working on it, but we've got to band together and make stuff like this happen faster.

I believe, when I was younger, before "earth day" was a big deal and they were just trying to encourage conservation, the promo was "Save the Earth." I think that's wrong. I think it's more like, "Let's work together to make sure Earth remains a place we can Live!" Because the truth is: Earth will go on. Our days here could be numbered.
For my part, I've planned a few date nights/days where Jef and I take the bus to our destination and a few times we've cycled around. I do drive to work everyday, but my commute is less than 10 mins and that's not bad. I do want to get a newer, more efficient and enviro-friendly car. I'm hoping to make that happen next year.

What are you going to do to preserve this planet for the generations to come?
I'd love to hear from you.