Monday, September 24, 2007

.8 and that's a loss I'll keep

Sciatic pain is keeping from moving at the level I want to. Weight loss slowing down, going to the doctor to discuss physical therapy. Mood is down, but spirits are high...

Not much to say, just 65.8 off the bod now. Yay. Tipping the scales at 227.4

It's THAT maybe it will be a loss this week...although the lack of movement is not helping AT ALL.

WELL, I just had a nice visit with my chirocracker..and HE says I need to move...but help my leg get over the pain it's in. I need to stretch, strengthen and adjust. I'm relieved, I thought I couldn't move, now I'm told I should, but gently...that's better than laying around hoping the pain will stop. Yay.