Sunday, May 6, 2007

2.4! Total is now 26.4

I weigh in on Wednesday and then Jef and I go on's kind of a working vacation, and I'm looking forward to it as well as a little apprehensive.

I'm still going strong, this Saturday I didn't count as stringently as I should have...eating out can make that difficult. I think I did ok, but I definetly used some of the extra calories I get every week that up til now I've been trying not to use at all. It was a fine dinner tho so no regrets. :)

I'm moving more regularly, and it's showing on the scale. I do notice that it's imperative that I eat ALL the calories I am allowed each day...and that I lose weight better/faster when I do. I also feel better, satiated and more under control.

It's now Sunday night and time for some relaxation before going back to work tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. :)


deerheart7 said...

Woot... I am so proud of you
Keep up the great strides forward

Where are you guys going for vacation and when??

miss you